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June of 2019 is when I decided to start my loc journey. I started with a family member two strand twisting my hair and then in September I decided to try a different method and a different stylist.

My last retwist was back in December

If you follow my precious posts or my Youtube Channel you’ll see I talk about a stress spot that I have in my crown area. My hair sucks up moisture abs when I’m stressed my hair shreds and falls out in just one spot of my head. My stylist has already cut out 1 loc that was hanging on.

We have been trying to come up with ways to defeat the stress spot and it has been discouraging and I even thought about cutting off my locs.

Here is a photo from November

Here is a photo from December and you’ll see the Loc barely hanging on and that is the loc that was cut during my appointment.

Here are photos just in January of my stress spot

Whenever I get my hair retwisted she styles my locs in a way my crown area is hidden.

I workout twice a week but I do need to increase my water intake. Recommended 3-4 bottles a day. I probably drink 1-2.

I am in a group on Facebook titled Loc’d & Lovin It and it’s very helpful and gives insight, tips and advice for everyone on their loc journey.

I picked up some new products and I put them in a spray bottle and spritz my hair every other day sometimes daily.

Shea Moisture Nourish & Silken Leave-In Treatment.

DiFeel Pro-Growth Hemp Hair Oil which I found at Marshall’s, along with Jojoba Natural oil.

The Aloe Vera Gel I purchased at The Vitamin Shoppe

I will continue to take progress pictures and document on my Youtube Channel as well.

My retwist appointment that I had this week, my stylist plan as to do a deep condition and not a retwist but I informed her that I bought new products and have been massaging my scalp. So she said if we don’t see results we will go back to the original plan. She did not have to cut off any locs and here are the end results.

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