Mane Monday: Flexi Rodset using Creme of Nature #IssaFail

Over the weekend I attempted to do a flexi rodset on my natural hair. The products I used were the all new Creme of Nature line purchased at Walgreens during their BOGO 50% sale. I filmed the tutorial in which you can watch here.

Honey, I’ve maybe tried one or two products from Creme of Nature in the past and now I know why.

I purchased

  • Sulfate Free shampoo
  • Intensive Conditioning Treatment
  • Shine & Style Mousse
  • Leave-In Conditioner

I also purchased 3 packs of flexi rods from my local beauty supply for 7.99 buy one get one free, there were 10 in each pack.

I only used the 2 packs of the red rods but I think my problem was they were too big, although I parted with my fingers my sections were also too big and spaced out.

Now my review on the Creme of Nature, when I buy products I typically do not buy the shampoo being as though I only use shampoo once a month. Since it was sulfate Free I wanted to give it a try. The Leave-In Is a spray bottle applicator and I don’t feel like it moisturized my hair good enough to what I am use to. The mousse left my hair hard even though I coated my hair with oil as I took down the perm rods, which I have had a bad experience with mousse from Lotta Body. I returned all products back to Walgreens the next day.

I have watched a few YouTube tutorials on flexi rods and one in particular which I liked how her hair turned out, her hair is longer than mine and a different texture, Janae Mason.

Here is the final result

You can watch the tutorial here.

Hey love, thanks for reading I would love to know your thoughts on this post. Comment below!

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