Mane Monday- Loc Retwist Update

The first week of October I had a hair appointment with a new hair stylist. I wasn’t happy with my current state of my hair so I wanted to try someone new. I am enjoying the loc journey thus far and I enjoy sharing with you all.

When I came to my hair appointment it was a loc retwist. The stylist was very professional very personable and blunt. She asked questions like “how long have you been on this loc journey”, “why did you choose the two strand twist method verses the coil method”? She did not down talk or bad mouth my previous stylist. I expressed my concerns as to how bad my hair itches, the first time and the second time my hair was styled it did not last more than two weeks and I did protect my hair at night and use castor oil with water. She advised that castor oil can be too heavy on the hair. She also stated that when you wet your hair it makes the hair soft which results in difficulty being loc’d.

Below is my hair before my hair appointment, the style is a month old.

This is my hair once my new stylist washes my hair.

With my hair texture my stylist recommended a different method which was the comb method. She also advised when you are just starting out you should retwist every 3 weeks. This was specific to me, everyone has different hair textures. I did have breakage and thinning in my crown area which I experienced last November and my hairstylist who did my trims noticed it then. By March it had grown in but this time it has reappeared. As some of you know I do have low iron and I am taking medication. My new hair stylist said it could just be my stress area in my hair. This is also why she is retwisting every three weeks to keep an eye on that area.

My hair stylist recommend I use Doo-gro as a hair product but only apply it to my roots every 3 days and at the end of the week use a spray based product.

At the end of my appointment I was more educated on how to take care of my hair on this loc journey. It was recommended that I buy a du-rag and wear that at night and apply a bonnet over top of that. You need a hair scarf to keep your hair in place. When previously I was only wearing a bonnet. Before my next appointment my stylist wanted me to send pictures of my hair showing the front, middle and side.

Last Thursday I had my appointment and my stylist asked if I had any issues with my hair, and if my hair itched as much. I was pleased as to how well my hair held up and I used the products according to her recommendations.

She did not wash my hair and I didn’t feel as if I needed my hair washed but she did advise next appointment I will need a rinse. The appointment was 1hr and 30 minutes, shorter than the last appointment since I didn’t have any issues and my locs were in tact versus her starting over three weeks ago.

I’m very happy and excited to see how my hair grows and transitions. Check out my Youtube Channel for videos of my journey : The Introvert Lifestyle

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