Mane Monday: Why I did the Big Chop Twice & How I Take Care of My Natural Hair

I have been natural since 2011, meaning no perm. The last short hairstyle I had I went to the salon and he insisted I needed a perm in order for achieve the style I wanted. I showed him a picture of the style I wanted and he went to work.

I then later found out he did not like working on natural hair. All of his clients had relaxed hair, it was just easier to work with. Needless to say I didn’t go back to that stylist and I let the relaxer grow out by wearing sew-in.

Fast forward to 2012 I was introduced to the Dominican Blow Out. When I seen how my hair was growing I went to the salon with a friend and I was impressed with how my hair turned out. When I moved to the DMV I was getting a blow out every Friday. Then my hair started to break off in the crown area and shed like crazy.

2013 I moved back to Pittsburgh. I went back to my original stylist. I ordered weave online and it did not arrive in time for my appointment. She suggested I either buy some hair at the local beauty supply store or cut off all my hair because she really couldn’t do anything with my natural hair in its current state which was damaged. I refused to spend anymore money on weave so I said cut it all off. She asked me three times, are you sure. It was that moment I knew I had to comfortable in my own skin. It’s just hair it will grow back.

She cut and colored my hair and then recommended a barber that I should go to in order to finish up the cut. I got so many compliments in the barbershop and that was my first time going to one.

2015 I got my first blow out since my first big chop. I also found my new hair stylist that specializes in natural hair. I wanted to color my hair but she recommended I wait 6 months. I got a blow out twice within a 5 week time frame which was a no go because I had a tough time reverting my natural curls. On top of that I went to the stylist whom originally cut my hair and she turned me into a blonde and I loved it. I went back for a touch up weeks later and my hair was over processed. I was devastated. I tried everything in the books to revert my damaged hair, including vinegar rinses. To hide the damage I colored my hair black.

February 2016 I was over it, it was taking too long for my damaged hair to grow out. The guy I was dating at the time happened to be a barber and he cut my hair. He didn’t want to I had to really convince him. I’m happy he gave in. Big Chop #2 was a success and my hair has been healthier than ever. I listen to my hair.

January 2017 I began my six-week trims regularly. I wear protective styles but I do not get sew-ins. They don’t help my hair grow and it’s hard to moisturize my hair. I deep condition my hair once a week and I shampoo my hair one to two times a month.

If you are contemplating the big chop, just do it. Your hair will grow in no time. Find a regimen that works for you. Watch YouTube videos, finding the right hair products can be trial and error but you will find what works for your hair type. It can be discouraging looking at other naturals and seeing how their hair has grown but understand everyone’s journey is different and you have to consider genetics.

If you have any hair questions feels free to comment below or send me an e-mail.

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