MisUnderstood Monday | Dating In A World That Revolves Around Social Media Part II

Back in August I wrote Part I of Dating in A World That Revolves Around Social Media, I’ve seen a few posts throughout social media just last month that inspired today’s part II post. Part II is focusing on the conversations or lack there of when you’re getting to know someone and you are in the presence of each others company.

I seen a post from someone where they stated they wanted to go on a fulfilling date that made them forget about their phone. Of course I had to hit the like button on that one. I feel as though no matter if you’re on a date or just regularly hanging out with a person one on one it is rude to direct your attention to your phone majority of the time that you two are together. If you’re into your phone there’s no way you can multi-task and pay attention to what the other person is talking about.

Maybe it’s just me being considerate of others, or wanting the attention reciprocated. When I am talking and I see that you’re paying attention to your phone, no matter what it is, texting, scrolling through a news feed, I immediately stop talking and I will not repeat myself. If I ask you one time to put your phone down, that’s the only time I will ask. Especially since I am off of social media for the next 30 days, even if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be embedded in my phone.

Texting and Driving. It’s a no for me. I was in a car accident almost three years ago when a guy I was on a date with was texting while driving and it was snowing outside. I said “hello” and next thing you know we’re in the back of a greyhound bus. I was injured and of course he wasn’t and that was the last time I talked to him. He paid for my medical bills and personal fees as well. I just felt as though you had my life in your hands and you were careless. Typically when I go on dates I meet the person at the destination so I can leave whenever I want or if it’s not going to well, I am in control to exit.

My recommendation. Put your phone down and pick the person’s brain. If you’re dating someone and you’re genuinely interested in them you should have a lot to talk about. You should have no objection to a no phone rule when you’re around each other. It’s all a matter of priorities at that present moment.

The perception. When you’re occupied by your cell phone and you’re in the presence of a person whether one on one or in a group setting and no one else has their phone, it says things about you. You may come across as uninterested. It may seem as though there are more important things on your mind or going on , on your phone, than what it is happening in front of you.

I maybe old-fashioned or just over this generation. I got this from my father, growing up during my high school years, texting became very popular. My dad hated when I was with him and I was so consumed by phone. He’d say, “put your phone down it’s not that important, can’t even hold a conversation with you”, from then I learned to be more considerate. I enjoy good genuine conversations, laughing, especially if you made plans to hang out with someone you expect to have a nice time.


Xo, thanks for reading.

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