Misunderstood Monday: No #MCM

Happy Monday! I know I mentioned I would keep you all updated on my dating life from previous #DateNight posts that I have shared on the blog. Three months in, and I have tea to share….


As you all know I am private when it comes to whom I am dating. So you won’t ever see pictures or #MCM posts and you also won’t know if I’m dating or not dating unless I share it on here. No offense to people who do share their dating/love life on social media , there is nothing wrong with that at all, I just have always been this way and it works for me.

After three months of dating this person, unfortunately things did not work out. Without giving you the play by-play of what went wrong, I will say that sometimes people just aren’t ready to date as much as they may think that they are. People have to face their past before they can truly move on and be fully committed to dating that individual of their interest. It is not fair to waste anyones time including themselves if they are not ready to move on.

I have no regrets, no ill feelings toward that person, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a certain way at FIRST because when you give a person the benefit of the doubt when you already have TRUST issues its whack when your gut proves you’re right.–If this was me about 3 years ago I probably would’ve drunk texted him and said some pretty un-lady like things that petty people say.

When you feel something, or when you pick up on signs, you may not need to speak on it but remove yourself. In this situation it was 70/30 mutual. Then when it was all said and done that’s when you have time to sit , think, reflect and you have that ‘ah ha’ moment. For me I am happy more time wasn’t invested and I didn’t have 100% feelings involved, when things are going good its easy to get wrapped up and be “gone” off of a person, but as I get older and the more disappointments that I have experienced I’ve learned to take things slow.

I would call this another life lesson and I can take this with a grain of salt and add this to what I want and what I don’t want. I like to take pride in being a person who doesn’t need to date someone to feel that I belong or feel wanted. I have never been a serial dater or a person whom has had consecutive boyfriends. When you know what you want and know what you don’t want to deal with it is that much easier to chuck the deuces and not look back. Honey, some people aren’t worth the stress or struggle, you choose which baggage you’re willing to help a person unpack.

It’s called dating for a reason, you’re getting to know a person, you enjoy their company, you get to see their flaws, you figure out what you like about this person and what you don’t like about this person. Dating a person you can get a feel for if this is someone you can seriously see yourself with for a long while. Dating is also a choice where I don’t rush to become physical with a person because it can allow you to become infatuated with a person.


Being a person with trust issues is amongst the things on the list of why I don’t rush to date and why I go with the flow and don’t have expectations for a person. I speak my mind at all times, and I would like to think that I communicate very well with people and I have no problem saying how I feel from what I like and what I don’t like, or what I want from a person. With that being said, it’s almost asinine to think people have the same heart as you, not everyone thinks like you.

I’m not even going to front when things don’t work out with whom ever I’m dating I evaluate myself, I also tend to reach out to my girlfriends and get their advice on things that I have said so that I can see things from both angles. Every so often, being the introvert that I am, I’ll go on a hiatus, I’ll change my phone number (2 years clean), I’ll take a break from social media and enjoy ME time. When you see people around you getting engaged, getting married, and having children, and I’m just over here like “look at those abs coming in, I could’ve went harder with that workout”, you begin to worry about your future.

I shared with you all my dating life update, and I said all of that to say that after careful review and further research I’m currently not interested in dating at this point and time. I posted on SnapChat that I don’t want to be bothered and I think I rather people continue to assume that I am mean, and unapproachable. {sarcasm} Not to say that I was looking before this person came a long but if happy couples are all you see around you, you’d be a lie to say that you don’t envy that. Far from bitter or salty but I control my happiness and that’s the ultimate goal in the end.

For right now I don’t have interest to invest my time into getting to know someone, that’s time taking away from working toward my dream. xoxo

Hey love, thanks for reading I would love to know your thoughts on this post. Comment below!

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