Misunderstood Monday: Spread Love, Don’t Pass Judgement

Within the last week there has been numerous violent incidents around the world. In my hometown Pittsburgh there has been 10 homicides just last week alone. Black men not only have to worry about other men but law enforcement as well whom took an oath to protect and serve.

Pittsburgh rapper Jimmy Wopo murdered last Monday broad daylight in his own neighborhood that he repped so heavily. 20 year old artist XXXtenacion robbed and murdered in his vehicle in Florida while instead of patrons trying to help, they recorded a helpless young man dying. A 21 year old man was killed with his baby lying in his arms, what kind of sick individual does something like that? 15 year old Lesandro “Junior” Feliz was stabbed to death by 5 men in the Bronx at a Bodega and sources say it was mistaken identity, so far 3 suspects have been taken into custody. A 19 year old female Jazzmere Custis was killed in a drive by shooting after leaving a party in Homestead,PA.

Making headlines all over the world, following countless protest in the City of Pittsburgh, last Tuesday night 17 year old Antwon Rose JR was fatally shot 3 times in the back by an East Pittsburgh police officer. The young man was a passenger in a Jitney in which was pulled over for claims of matching the description of a vehicle involved in a nearby shooting. The driver had weapons in the vehicle but they were registered. Antwon feared for his life and he ran while the driver was being arrested and that’s when 30 year old police officer opened fire killing Antwon Rose. The cop had just been sworn into that district, hours before the incident. According to his records he has been fired from multiple police departments in the past. The case has been ruled a homicide but yet the officer is on paid leave. Woodland Hills Intermediate School is hosting the funeral for Antwon Rose JR.

Of course the media wanted to paint the picture of Antwon as a troubled juvenile kid with an extensive record but his peers are not letting that happen.

With all of the violence that has happened in Pittsburgh it is bringing the community together. People are tired of the violence whether it’s police brutality or violence amongst our own. There has been negativity around the way the protests have been organized and bystanders stating it’s an inconvenience for them as highways and main roads are being blocked. But yet nobody complains when they’re in traffic for Kenny Chesney concert, Pirates or Pens games. You even have people saying protests isn’t going to do anything so why bother.

You have to start somewhere and if you’re going to speak negatively with no solution then you are apart of the problem. Change doesn’t happen overnight.

With all the violence that has occurred decades and decades within the community and I won’t say black on black crime because every race kills each other it’s just that within the black community it’s highlighted on the news. I asked social media their thoughts.


When I was younger and then things went wrong within our community I always asked “where are their parents?” But as I got older, when you talk to people, and you see things from a different perspective you hold your Judgement. I don’t believe parents are to blame for 100% of their child’s actions.

You can grow up in a two parent household but that doesn’t mean your parents are present in your life. You can live in a two parent household and they can instill in you to have morals, to be a leader, to do the right thing, but once you leave the house it’s up to you to make the right decisions and not be a follower. Your parents can’t be with you every step of the way. I do belive that any child needs their father in their life or a father figure to look up to and not the streets.

Believe it or not there are parents who glorify the fast life because they reap the benefits but those same parents need help with bail money or funeral arrangements because there’s only two ways this could end if they don’t get out and do better.

It’s just really disheartening to see people get robbed and killed for working hard, grinding, pursuing their dreams by someone who doesn’t want to get off their ass and work for something. What gives you the right to take someones life or to rob someone because you’re jealous and envious rather that doing your research to see how you can do better.

A mother can not teach a man how to be a man, she is not a man. When people turn to the streets for love they’re lost. This generation doesn’t have OG’s that want them to be somebody better than they were, steering them clear of what not to do or how not to be. When they say it takes a village, it truly does. We have to come together as a community and help each other.

I also don’t think these kids growing up have things to do to keep them busy. The inner city has no free Summer Camps, after school programs, swimming pools, the summer football league is barely holding on. Growing up for me we has tons of things to do to keep us busy and we had people who looked out for us when our parents weren’t around.

I’m not politician and I don’t ever speak on politics but I needed to share my thoughts on the recent events.

Hey love, thanks for reading I would love to know your thoughts on this post. Comment below!

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