Misunderstood Monday: ‘Tis The Season…

Twenty days until Christmas. Everyone is visiting loved ones, shopping and buying gifts for one another. This is a joyous time of year. Everyone working extra hours to get their last minute items while others just simply want to be around their favorite relatives.

For the past couple years Christmas has been just another day for me. I would sleep in, I wouldn’t decorate, nor play Christmas music, and I didn’t purchase any gifts. I just was not in the Christmas spirit at all.

Holidays just make me look forward to creating memories with my own little family some day. My family isn’t close, everyone simply does their own thing for the holidays. My grandma passed away when I was 18 and that’s whom kept the family together and made sure we celebrated holidays together.

Over the weekend I helped a childhood friend pick out makeup for his girlfriend, at Ulta Beauty. It was fun. He wanted to buy her makeup for Christmas because he see’s how much she wears it, and enjoys using the products. It was nice seeing how much he noticed the little things about her and how he was able to describe her look and style.

In the same day , I helped a friend wrap gifts that he had recently purchased for his girlfriend for Christmas. He had no clue how to wrap presents it was comical. He too, purchased makeup┬áboth online and in stores and I must say he picked out some nice items. After he watched me wrap once, he was able to pick up and do it by himself. What’s so interesting to me was that as I watched him wrap the gifts I realized, what people do for those they care about. Instead of him paying someone to wrap the gifts or taking the easy route of putting the items in a gift bag, he took the time to learn how to wrap gifts.

I won’t lie, this made me miss buying gifts for that special someone , and wrapping the gifts before they see them . It also made me happy I was able to assist my friends in doing something good for their significant others.
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