Misunderstood Monday | Woman vs Woman Competition

There has been this ongoing competition and both contenders are women. It’s hard to pin point one single cause for why women have a hard time supporting each other. The only person we as women should be in competition with is ourselves.

I took a poll over the weekend asking supporters on social media to suggest topics for this week. This topic is one that I can relate to and see happening on a daily basis. I am an advocate for positive vibes, team work, empowerment, and giving props when they’re due. Today’s misunderstood Monday post is to bring awareness to the importance of women empowerment.

What we fail to realize is that we can accomplish more and break barriers when we come together as one. We’ve all heard the saying, “It takes a village”. No matter the field that you work in, even down to your physical features at some point in your life you’ve had other women feel as though they were better than you.

When we were teenagers we all had our group of friends and we would stick with them only, we would call them cliques. As adults we have the saying “you can’t sit with us”. We should all be able to support each other and come together. Some of us have this notion that if we support others it will block our blessings or slow us up from achieving our own goals, and that is false.

Over the weekend on social media Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko Hart celebrated their 1 Year wedding anniversary. Eniko is currently pregnant with their first child together. She received so much hate from black women on social media. Kevin Hart took to Instagram to stand up for his wife. Another example Cyn Santana and Joe Budden are expecting their first child together, they both shared the news on social media. So many people were happy and sending their blessings while other women were bashful and rude. It’s like where does the negativity come from and why do people feel the need to spread hate?!

Hating on another woman will not make your light shine any brighter. When you have women saying rude things or bashing you , continue to spread love and ignore the ignorance. There is something within that person that they are battling and are unhappy with that they are mad at the world. Some people can’t stand to see other people happy because they are not happy and they can’t understand why people are successful and they’re still trying to find their way.

It cost you nothing to support each other and to uplift one another but it takes so much bad energy to bash and say hurtful things to other women.


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