Mixing Business With Pleasure In The WorkPlace

Have you ever dated someone you worked with? Do you have that 1 person at your workplace that you find yourself flirting with during work hours? Let’s discuss the pros and con’s of dating in the workplace.

When I was younger and I just was eligible to have a real full-time job during college I dated someone I worked with and let me tell you it was the experience I needed to never do that again. Now, everyone’s experience maybe different, could be a good thing or it could be a horrible thing.



My experience turned sour because he was horrible all wrong in every aspect. He was good-looking but he couldn’t hold a conversation and he was boring in bed–yes I said it. So when it came time to end that fling, it was awkward because I still had to see him daily at work. I kept it cordial and said hello but I kept it there. It’s one of those things where once you’re turned off there is no coming back from that.

That experience taught me to never judge a book by its cover. It also taught me to avoid all awkwardness and hiding from people just don’t date at the workplace, period. We never did anything pleasurable at work nor did people know we were dating because I’m a very private person.

For those of you who are thinking of making that move on your “work” crush or “work” hubby just take these things into consideration. Most corporate jobs are close-knit and everyone knows each other and have to communicate in some way. Make sure you set boundaries for each other. Always remain professional in your field as you want to maintain respect. Never bring the drama to the workplace this is a place of business and you shouldn’t want individuals in your personal life. One major downside is if you were arguing at home or on the way to work now you have to deal with them at work and you don’t really get a break from each other.


In order for you to date someone who you work with, you have to be a secure person. You can’t assume just because that person was flirting with you or is interested in you that they are the workplace whore and is like that with a lot of other people. You also don’t want to include the opinions of coworkers in the mix because that could get messy and you want to keep it cute.

On the other hand it could be tolerable. You could work in two different departments so you don’t even see them that much during work hours. You can carpool to work together , and even eat lunch together.

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