Monday Motivation 

Happy Monday. Hopefully you have your goals set for the week and a positive attitude to match. Always remember a new day gives you a fresh start to achieve your goals and to have a better out look on life. Often times we look to social media and begin to compare our journey’s to the next person and that can cause you to lose focus.

I had a conversation with one of my close friends last week and we were simply talking about our current stage in life. She’s a new homeowner, she works two jobs, she has a bachelors of science degree and she doesn’t have any kids yet. We were saying to each other if we had to do it all over again, this thing called real life, we would do it differently. What we meant by that is being as though she has a college degree, she’s not working in that field. She is working two jobs to satisfy her lifestyle. What she stated is she would have attended a trade school, or started a small business. She plans to go back to college for a master’s degree but she is worried about the financial aspect of it because of course she would still have to maintain a full-time job.

From my standpoint I stated if I could do it again, I would have begun my college career in a community college and transferred to a four-year traditional college. Here I am paying back student loans, and I didn’t finish. I started out studying in Biology, then I went into being a business major but life happened and I just couldn’t focus or afford to be in college.  It was in 2013 when I realized I wanted to be a writer after being fired from a job I didn’t like anyways and it was a second job at the time. I began this blog life that was rewarding to me and I didn’t even care that I was receiving unemployment but it paid my bills at the time and it allowed me to focus on a long-term goal with no distractions.

After taking a recent break from social media I refueled my fire of motivation to be consistent with blogging and my YouTube channel. I have so many things I want to do with this blog but it takes money and invested time, which I tend to become impatient and discouraged, but that is normal.

If I could be honest with you all for a moment. I woke up today not necessarily in a bad mood but I just had a feeling that I wanted to just quit my 9-5 and just full throttle dive deep into what I want to do long-term to be truly happy. When I think of happiness I think of being healthy, having a career that you’re passionate about and you wake up and it doesn’t feel like you’re working. You’re serving your purpose. That’s where I am I am seeking to find my calling, my purpose in life. Yes I want to be a full-time writer for a living, travel the world, hit the gym, and write about it. You can’t put a price on happiness either, you can’t do something for the money because then you’re not truly happy, you’re settling. Reality is, bills need paid, so I have to do with what I have. It’s not that I want to quit because it doesn’t pay well, because it does. I simply want to work for myself, make my own hours, make my own job description.

I say all of that to say, if you’re unhappy, change your mood. Change your surroundings, if you’re not passionate about your major in college, change it, if you dislike your job, apply for a new one. Don’t stay in a space that has you waking up in a bad mood not wanting to face the day.


Thanks for reading!

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