Monday Motivation : Health Is Wealth – Self Care Is Important

I pride myself in keeping up with doctors appointments even if I have to pay out of pocket due to a job not providing benefits. My recent annual physical appointment revealed some scary results for this 30something year old woman.

If you all have been following my blog journey you have seen that I worked out consistently for two years. The last time that I worked out was August 2018. I also have been a pescatarian for two and a half years now. Going back to April of this year I have been craving ice. I’ll eat a cup of ice at least once a day. I even asked my dentist how bad that would be for my teeth. – most people assume craving ice mean you’re horny-no.

Over the past few months I noticed I would be short of breath even after just walking up two flights of stairs. I thought it was because I was out of shape. For the last year I’ve had a job that required me to sit for 8 hours.

This last month I moved into a new place, simple tasks like bending over, transporting boxes, helping carry small items, I would feel like I just ran a mile. I wouldn’t get dizzy but I can feel my heart beating fast, I can hear my pulse in my ears, and I would just sit down and drink water. I even used my Apple Watch to check my heart rate and a few readings were inconclusive.

I made my doctors appointment for my annual physical, I described to her what I just shared with you all, I also told her how I get cold all the time, I get bruises on my legs and they last about two weeks. She immediately recommended we do a blood test.

She called and left a voice message the next day, I was working and I forget to return her call so she called me again the next day. She told me my iron levels were really low and that my hemoglobin levels were low as well. She prescribed iron supplements. She advised not to eat dairy while taking the supplements and I need to follow up with her in a month.

I have to take 1 pill in the morning and 1 pill in the evening. It’s either an hour before a meal or two hours after. I take it with orange juice because it can make you feel nauseated.

I am a person who dislikes medication and it’s hard for me to take something everyday. I stopped taking my anxiety medicine two months after it was prescribed. However I am tired of being short of breath and this could lead to serious complications because my heart is working harder. This causes the cells to not get the oxygen they need

Low iron is common in women especially due to your menstrual cycle but for me I do not eat meat and that’s where you get majority of you iron.

What I found out is that low iron-anemia deficiency symptoms can be shortness of breath, dry hair, fatigue. I previously shared I craved ice, that’s a symptom of anemia. My hair itches like crazy and I consistently moisturize it daily especially now that I am locking my hair. Last November my hair stylist notice a bald spot in the center of my head but the rest of my hair was healthy and it was scalp like a patch missing. So I made sure to keep taking hair skin nail vitamins.

I know it’s been a while since I shared a post but I wanted to be transparent and also to make sure you all keep up with your annual appointments especially because not all diagnosis come with noticeable symptoms.

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  1. Hope your ok, definitely will be reading hoping for an update, but this really spoke to me because I slack on my appointments, thanks for sharing

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