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I did a thing it still hasn’t hit me yet. It’s been a year and six months since I graduated Beauty School, and its been a year and four months since I’ve began providing eyelash extension services. After leaving a job that helped me perfect my craft and know how to build a book to starting over and trying to find my way, I have taken the next step in accomplishing my entrepreneurial goal.

November has been a stressful month for me. I’ve been depressed, things have triggered my anxiety, and I’ve been feeling stuck. I know myself, and when I get a certain feeling I know changes have to be made so that I can be happy mentally.

November 11th, I received a text message from a business owner who came across my business page and I thought it was a scam. She advised me that with the services I provided perhaps I would be interested in leasing a suite. I thanked her and decline due to not having a full clientele. She understood. Few hours later I had some questions and she invited me in for a tour the same day. I immediately invisioned myself in this suite.
When I set out to go to beauty school my goal was to work for myself in a studio space or suite by myself offering all beauty services that I was skilled to offer. Anytime someone asked me my end goal that would be my response.
After visiting the suite and asking all the questions I had, I was discouraged by the price, and knowing what all needed to be done and how hard I would have to work for this to work out for me. One good thing was new location meant promotions to sign the lease. I advised her I needed some time to think this through thoroughly and to sit down and go over my business plan she was fine with that.
I told my mom, one of my brothers, and two of my best friends. My brother wanted to know when we were signing. My mom wanted to make sure I thought everything through and didn’t rush into a decision while my best friends would support me either way.

I applied to work at a few local successful salons in the area, I provided my resume and they would then ask to see my Instagram, and no one would follow up while one of them did choose another candidate. I looked at this as a sign to take this leap of faith. If no one is giving me an opportunity, I have to create my own.
Two weeks later the owner contacted me to see if I made a decision, I replied the next day. I went over the agreement that was discussed. I didn’t tell anyone what I had decided until the following day November 24th, I signed the lease for my own suite. I was nervous, I was scared, I was anxious. I took my mom along with me and I was just waiting for the deal to go wrong or not feel like the right choice, but no red flags. She even asked if she could give me a hug after I signed the lease and she provided the keys.

I was scared to live in the moment and be happy for myself because I was thinking…”Shit is about to get real”. I thought about everything that still needed to get done but even small things like a window decal I stayed up for hours trying to design one and all I had to do was give the owner my logo and she provides the decal.

2020 has started for me and it’s looking real entrepreneurial-ish to me. Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today. Write down, manifest and execute your goals.

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