Monday Motivation: New Beginnings Before 2018

New Week, New Goals, New beginnings. You don’t have to wait until the clock strikes 12 on New Years Day in order to begin your goals for 2018. Over the weekend I sat down and really thought about what my brand means to me and what the name of my brand represents. Back in September I had the pleasure of getting an audit of my brand to help me progress and a few things Courtney said to me that has been on my mind ever since.

When I have an idea or I want to do something it’s like I want to execute immediately. I’ll write down my ideas , I’ll write down the steps I need to take to accomplish the ideas and I typically can’t sleep because I’m busy doing research. This is what happened when I decided to change my brand name.

When I had my brand audit one of the things that resonated with me and it took sometime to think it through, “what do people know about your brand just by the name?”, “what does Ms Honey mean?”. At first I was offended then I stepped back and looked at it from a different view. Honestly Ms Honey had no meaning, it was a suggested twitter name back in 2009 and it stuck with me every since. It wasn’t an acronym but when people asked me my name I told them Ms Honey. As I headed into the thirties club I want to be taken seriously, I want people to know what they are investing their time in.

The Introverted Lifestyle is self explanatory. I’m an individual whom keeps to themselves, thinks for themselves and one whom is anti-social. With all of the things that my brand intels , the blog, the podcast, my Youtube channel and now makeup I want everything to make sense. Everything under one umbrella as one. I no longer want to be Ms Honey.

At one point I didn’t even want people to know my real name I felt like it was a secret it was a mystery that I didn’t want to share. Every move I make I have to think about my brand. My makeup brand is now Makeup by Jasminne. To book appointments simply email

I say all of this to say if something is heavy on your heart or if there is something you want to do don’t wait until tomorrow, just do it. Don’t seek approval or validation from anyone, do the appropriate research and do it.

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