Monday Motivation: Passion to Side Hustle

I know it’s been a while since I have shared a Monday Motivation blog post. I have been so busy with the new podcast and trying to keep my Youtube updated. Anyways Happy Monday, I have some motivation I hope it will inspire you to get out there and face your fears.

If you all have been following me for the past year and a half you’ll see that I share makeup tips and tutorials. I also shared that I taught myself how to do my own makeup by watching YouTube videos, buying products and practicing on myself. Well over the last week I’ve faced my fear and stepped out of my introvert shell and will now do makeup on clients as a side hustle.

2014 was when I started buying products and teaching myself. As I progressed and shared photos family and friends have told me that I should do makeup on other people. My response was “are you crazy? , I don’t even like people.” I just know how particular people are about their face like they are about their food! Last holiday season I applied to Ulta but I never got a call back. I applied again this season and I am waiting to hear back. I shop their all the time, I have a credit card with them and it would be beneficial because I would gain more product knowledge and different face shapes and skin care tips.

I then thought about it and said to myself, you know what better to gain experience than to build clientele. I have the basics of applying makeup, I have tons of products already. This past weekend I took on my second client and it was rewarding. It her birthday, she was going out with friends and to a concert. She never wears makeup nor does she dress up and go out. Seeing her reaction when I was finished brought a great feeling to me. I know how makeup makes me feel it adds that extra ummph to you, you feel like no one can tell you anything, the added confidence.

My sister was there to assist me and she is one of the people who always told me that I should do other individuals makeup and do it on the side if I don’t want to do it full time. The fears that I had was not succeeding, people not trusting me to do their makeup , the opinions of others saying “oh she does makeup now , everyone does makeup”. If I let that get to me I would’ve never started pursuing this goal of mine. I created a separate Instagram page just for makeup pics and tutorials beautybymshoney. If you’re in the Pittsburgh area you can book me on style seat.

This inspiration also came from my sister who resides in Houston, shes always worked in restaurants and such places, she’s a great cook and she recently started a catering business, Ms Beas Catering

My advice to you something that I’ve always believed in, if you have a goal, research it, invest in yourself and purse it. Don’t seek validation from anyone, be your own cheerleader. You may not think people are watching but you’re noticed.

Thanks for reading!

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