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Lately I have been coming across some very inspirational and motivated individuals on social media. For once I am seeing people use their platform in a positive way. With my recent transition to a lifestyle blog I strive to better myself for my brand daily. I always look for new ways to improve my content, and improve my way of thinking.

Just the other day I came across a 21-year-old male entrepreneur whom own a clothing brand alongside rapper Dave East, by the name of Jay Mazini, for Mazini Italy brand. As I was scrolling through his Instagram page one of his posts stood out to me like a sore thumb and this isn’t something that I didn’t already know but this is something I want people to read more than once and let it sink in.


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I want you all to look at this when you can’t afford to go out to dinner with your friends, or when you get your first paycheck from your new job and the first thing you want to do is shut down the mall. Don’t ever feel bad if you can’t do the same things that your friends are doing when it comes to materialistic things. We all have priorities and as mature adults comes responsibility. Not everyone has their priority in order but not every one wants to buy that new range rover or that new Movado watch. Learn to save your money, but while you’re saving money, have a goal in mind. It could be a down payment on a new apartment, a used vehicle to get you back and forth to work, or it could be to pay off some debt on your credit report.

As young people not everyone had the luxury of someone teaching them how important it is to have good credit. You are entitled to one free credit report each  year. If you have a credit card you’ll receive your credit report monthly with your updated score. Always be aware of what’s on your credit report because if there is something on there that is inaccurate you can dispute it and have it removed from your credit report. If you’re paying off something on your credit report that is in collections make sure on your credit report it shows paid in full.

A lot of look to social media for inspiration or to see what the latest fashion is, but there is nothing cute about having the latest Louis Vuitton bag with no money in it, or having the latest Jordan’s and you’re riding the bus. Now there is nothing wrong with riding the bus but the latest Nike Jordan’s cost on average $200 and that could be money save on a down payment for a used vehicle. I bet if you were to stop buying 1 materialistic thing that you buy frequently you will see how much money you save over time and how that can go towards something more beneficial to you.

One last thing, we all have goals, anything worth achieving doesn’t come easy. If you work 80 hours for a company make sure you at least spend 5-10 hours a week on reaching your own dream.


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