Motivation Monday: Love The Skin You’re In. You Are Enough

First Monday for the month of September. I want to send positive vibes your way. Today’s Monday Motivation goes out to all the young girls around the world as well as adults women. In today’s society and with cyber bullying being at an all time high, I want you all to know beauty comes from within.

I’m fortunate enough to have grown up with both my parents actively in my life even though they were not together or married. My mother and father always made sure I felt loved and knew that I was beautiful no matter what anyone else told me. Yes I had and still do have insecurities about myself but that does now outweigh the love I have for myself.

In this day and age too many young girls feel as though they have to wear certain clothes, wear makeup, wear weave, or change their features to be excepted. You do not have to be a size 2 to be considered beautiful. You define your beauty. You can be the most beautiful and attractive women in the world but your personality is ugly.

Yes there were times in this world women whom embraced their natural hair, their full lips, their wide hips, their stretch marks, people would stare and judge. Now a days we have a natural hair community and we welcome sisters with open arms. Yes I wear makeup but I don’t feel as though I need it. I don’t think young girls should wear make-up. When I was growing up I could only wear chapstick and lipgloss. I believe makeup enhances your natural beauty. There aren’t enough role models for our young girls growing up. They shouldn’t look to the television or social media for guidance this should start at home.

Young girls should act their age and grow up slow. Enjoy being a kid, enjoy being a teenager. Live life to the fullest.They shouldn’t have to worry about if people will like them or bully them because of how they dress or wear their hair. Walk with your head held high and when you believe in yourself, nobody can tell you otherwise.


Thanks for reading.

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