Motivation Monday

As 2017 is approaching within two weeks we’re feeling the pressure to make it the best year yet or the at least better than 2016. We’re becoming overwhelmed with wanting to accomplishment so much, let go of what isn’t helping us grow in a good way or bringing negativity in our lives. You want to achieve things you did not do in 2016 that you set out, maybe you want to travel , start a new career path, find a new hobby, make better decisions financially or finally get into the gym. What ever it is you want to accomplish in 2017 , write it down and work towards it daily, remember nothing good and worth having happens over night.

¬†Social media is changing daily, it’s changing lives, it has a positive and negative effect on society. We tend to get caught up in social media not realizing there is a world outside of social media, real life is happening. Social media can be a place to help grow you social following, it can help you gain clients for your business, it can help you find your niche. Social media can also be a downfall, a distraction, misleading, if you’re a small-minded easily influenced individual.

If you have a dream you’re working towards whether it’s becoming the best rapper of all time, a designer, a make up artist, a beauty blogger, an entrepreneur, an education, a fitness guru, or whatever it maybe do not let others on social media discourage you. Social media can be motivating to get up and get a move on of achieving your goals, but it can be discouraging if you comparing your path to someone else’s. Whats meant for you will be for you and can’t anyone get in the way of that or take that away. When you compare your journey to someone else’s you lose focus on your own.

When it comes to accomplishing your goals comes making sacrifices. You may not be able to go out every weekend, or take lavish trips in the Summer with your friends. When your working on your dreams it costs money and so does hanging out with your friends, you have to see the bigger picture. Trips, happy hours, concerts, materialistic things will always be around, you only get one life to live and you should spend it making your dreams come true.

While you’re achieving your goals, you may lose some friends down the road. Not everyone can come, not everyone will understand the grind and what it takes to make things happen in pursuing happiness and that’s okay. Never feel bad for doing the things you do to get to that light at the end of the tunnel. People may say you’ve changed or you’re acting brand new, and yes you may be but it’s for a reason, we should all change for the better we don’t want to be stagnant.


Thanks for reading. Happy Monday.

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