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Every 6-8 weeks I get my hair professionally washed and trimmed, no flat iron. I often share my trip to the salon on my Youtube Channel. I like to be transparent and share things that I think others will benefit from. My recent salon visit I discovered a patch of hair gone from my crown area.

When it comes to the hairstyles I choose to wear, I like to keep it low maintenance and less manipulation. I tend to stick to wash n go, twist outs, and occasional corn row styles. I had a routine that I religiously kept up with which was wash day every Sunday which included deep conditioning my tresses for 20 minutes. I haven’t deep conditioned my hair in maybe a month or so. However I have been under a lot of stress personally, which that can result in hair loss.

What scared me is that my stylist actually recommended I see a dermatologist to make sure it is not early onset alopecia which you can get at any age.

While my appointment was for a touch up on hair color and trim, when she showed me the mirror and the patch in my hair I immediately didn’t want to touch up the color I opted for just the trim only. She even asked me three times if I even wanted to continue the hair appointment. She didn’t think the hair color would affect the baldness but I didn’t want to chance it. Plus it’s harder to see when my roots are dark.

I had recently took out jumbo box braids but it wasn’t tight or pulling at my roots and I only kept them in for two weeks. When I touch the spot that is bald it feels dry, but just a few days ago it began to feel tender. At the time of my hair appointment last Wednesday it just felt dry but no tenderness.

I have been keeping my hair in two braids because I honestly don’t know what style to do and with the seasons changing I don’t really want to do a wash n go.

In the Summer on the weekends I would put my hair in a high bun and I’m not sure if that’s the cause of the hair loss.

Back in 2013 I had hair loss in the crown of my head due to a sew in that was too tight and the stylist used hair glue to close the top and it ripped my hair out when it was time to take out the sew in and I then was getting a Dominican blow out weekly!

However this time it looks like someone took clippers and shaved the area in my head.

I was going to do my hair in a twist out style until I grabbed a mirror and looked at my scalp I was devastated all over and it seems as though it is spreading. I grabbed some black castor oil and massaged it throughout my scalp.



I plan to use this every few days and get back into deep conditioning my hair weekly. One thing I do have a habit of doing is patting my head, you know how chicks pat their weaves, well I do that when I have braids in. This could stop the circulation in my scalp and could be a cause of the hair loss.

The last time I got my hair trimmed and blown out with the blow dryer would have been back in May and we didn’t notice the hair loss then.

I do plan to see a dermatologist soon, in the meantime I will be trying some home remedies to see if that helps.

Share with me if you’ve experienced hair loss and what happened grow your hair back.

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      1. Thanks for reading! I was religiously taking hair skin nail gummy vitamins but I stopped I sure am going to start again

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