My TWA Is Long Enough For Cornrows 

February of this year I did the big chop for the second time. I always get tired of hairstyles and this time around I was over my TWA and I wanted braids. I convinced my mom whom is a retired hairstylist to do my cornrows..

Just to give you a little background, growing up my mom braided hair she was one of the best hair braider for kids and adults in my neighborhood. If it wasn’t for my mom I probably have met the cool kids I met along the way. My mom did all types of braid styles from natural hair to weaving styles, she helped everyone look fly for the first day of school or for their special occasion. 


It’s been almost a decade since my mom stopped braiding hair. Standing on your fee for hours can be tiresome and straining on your body. All the time people still ask if she does hair or try to convince her to do hair again. I can’t say I don’t try to persuade her myself as it was something she loved to do. 
Randomly this week I was just over my hair, I’m getting impatient with the hair growth process and I don’t want to put too much stress on my hair being as though it is colored. After worked I found myself at the hair store and I called my mom up and asked her if she would do my hair. Her response, “So you called me just to ask me that?” Of course I said, “I didn’t want to buy the hair and you say  you don’t feel like it.” Our Friday night turned into her braiding my hair, reminiscing on the good ‘ol days and watching reality television. 
Yes, I know if you have seen my twa you’re wondering, “… how in the world did she braid her hair?!” My mom has the grip like no other. Here is my TWA now, in which I had to comb out the curls and get the most length I could for her to braid my hair straight back. I didn’t want anything to crazy just something to last two weeks. 
This style took probably 1 hour to do. I didn’t put any additional hair products in my hair besides the Ecostyler Olive Oil Gel. My mom cut and burned the ends and the style was complete. 
Instasize_0813075153 20160813_132204
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