Natural Hair Chronicles: 6 Week Trim + Halo Braid

This past weekend I went to Farenheit 212 for my six-week trim.  I have also uploaded the Vlog to my YouTube channel. Four to six-week trims are important during your natural hair growth process. It keeps your hair growing healthy and reduces split ends and damaged hair.

Lately my go-to hairstyle has been flat twist outs and they can last me a week. I co-wash my hair every Sunday and I deep condition as well once a week for about 30-45 minutes. Below is a picture of my wash n go verses a twist out.

I only blow dry my hair when I visit the hair salon. A reason for that is I don’t trust myself when I blow dry my hair, I feel like I am too rough, or that I am pulling my hair out. With all of my hair styles I air dry, but I would like to invest in a sit under dryer one of these days.

I just wanted to give you all an update on my hair journey. It’s officially been 1 year and 2 months since my big chop and my hair is healthy, and the styles that I am doing are helping my growth, according to my hairstylist. I visited the salon Saturday morning and as soon as I got there I was Shalaya’s first client and we went right to the wash bowl. When she washes my hair she massages my scalp thoroughly and this helps penetrate blood flow in the scalp and also helps hair growth. After the wash she brow dried my hair and I like that she uses a brush when she detangles and dries my hair.

After the blow dry, she trims my hair and like the last time she didn’t need to cut off too much. I like the fact that my stylist isn’t scissor happy and she let’s you know how much she is cutting. After the trim I leave my hair as is. I style it once I get home because you all know I am anti-heat. This upcoming fall we will see about a full blow out, flat-iron, and layers! If you click to the right of the page you can check out my vlog for Saturdays salon visit and I show you how I style my hair when it is blown out.


When I style my hair when it’s blown out I do not use too many hair products because it will easily revert to curls. My hair is thick and soft so it is kind of difficult for quick styles to last. I only use oil and a moisturizing cream when styling. Here is a picture of a twist out day one verses blown out hair.

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