Now That Christmas Is Over | Wednesday Brunch

Holidays don’t really excite me anymore it’s been this way for some years. To me holidays are great times to share with family and friends, make memories and eat good food. Holidays are also times you think about people who are no longer with us…

As you get older the things you want, money can’t buy. For me I look forward to eating good and laughing with my brothers. It also makes me look forward to having my own family one day. 

For Christmas, I enjoyed time off of work and being able to relax. I don’t look to Christmas to receive gifts just to spend time with loved ones. A post on Facebook caught my eye and I felt it so much. Verbatim it was along the lines of “don’t look to social media and become jealous or envious of people spending time with their family or showing off the gifts they received for Christmas. Be thankful for what you do have and cherish the people around you…” 

We’re all guilty of using social media as a guideline for life, seeking validation on how things are supposed to be, family goals, relationship goals, friendship goals. It shouldn’t be like that. I also think every now and again people should take a social media break and live their life according to their own standards. We all get caught up in this social media when it’s not real life. There is a world outside of these apps.

People do become more depressed around the holidays simply because you miss people who are no longer with us, you maybe less fortunate when it comes to having the finances to provide gifts to loved ones, you maybe single, you may have gone through heartache and the holidays maybe a trigger for you. 

For me it is another year of being single, and I greatly look forward to having my own family, having children to wake up and open gifts with. We want things in life when sometimes we just might not be ready for it and this maybe why it’s not happening yet. 

I say all of this to say be grateful, be thankful, be appreciative, and don’t get caught up in social media. We only see the good things on social media but we don’t know what people are going through outside the app. 

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