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Murad Environmental Shield Starter Kit
Murad Environmental Shield Starter Kit


Cold weather is upon us and we have to keep our skin moisturized. I bought this Murad Essential Shield Starter Kit almost two months ago and I wanted to do a review.


I purchased the kit online at Ulta while it was on sale, after I seen my favorite beauty blogger Makeup Shayla show her day & night cleansing routine. I typically don’t use cleansing products because I’ve been fortunate enough to have non problem skin. This kit consists of 4 trial size products.


I start with a cleansed face a little damp and then I place a dime size amount of Essential C Cleanser all over  my skin and then I rinse with warm water. The consistency lather well and you don’t need a lot if your skin is damp.


I then rinse the cleanser off and proceed to apply the Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum on my face it retains moisture and adds shine to the face.


You let the serum sit for about two minutes don’t rinse, proceed to use the Advanced Active Radiance Serum. This product is slippy and goes a long way its good to put this on after the Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening as that product has shine but it dries on the skin, shall I say you’ll be snatched honey. Add this right after to have that glistening glow.


The finally. By the way all of the products smell so good. It’s funny because I put this Essential C Day Moisture like its foundation primer. The consistency is thick so you do not need a lot of product.


What are some products you use daily or routinely during the colder seasons? Share below.

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