Protect Your Natural Hair During The Cold Weather 

The cold weather is here time to tuck away the curls the wrap up the fro. Cold weather means your hair is most prone to drying out and breaking off. Protect those ends.

I change my hair style frequently. If you haven’t been following my natural hair journey since my 2013 big chop, take a look at my Instagram. One minute I want to cut all my hair off, the next minute I want three bundles of Brazilian hair, and the next I miss my curls while my hair is braided up. Natural hair is so versatile you can do so many styles with your hair, just enjoy the process if you’ve recently big chopped and feel as though your hair isn’t growing.

I recently had cornrows going straight back , done by my lovely mother and I had them in for almost two weeks. I always get nervous when I have a braided style because I am fortunate enough to have my edges and I don’t like for scalp to dry out as you can only moisturize certain areas of the hair.

I’m always on Instagram or Pinterest seeking hair inspiration for my next style, whether its hair color, natural hair style, or a braid style.


My latest hair style inspired by the above picture I came across on Instagram and also Pinterest . It is so simply but yet cut and it can be worth with any clothing attire. This style will probably last 2-3 weeks for me.

I took my out my corn rows and I washed my hair with Shampoo and Conditoner by OGX Beauty


Strength & Body + Bamboo Fiber Full.

It lathers smoothly, its thick and you only need 1-2 dime size. I let the conditioner sit while I showered. I used the Fiber Cream as a moisturizer. Not to mention it smells great.

Back View




Quick Tips: Wash your hair the night before , try to wash infrequently but moisturize the hair daily. Dont forget to sleep with a silk or satin scarf. If you must wash your hair in the morning , make sure the hair is completely dry.

What are some of your protective styles? What are your winter wash day routines? Share below. Thanks for reading .


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