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2019 has come to an end. This is the end of a decade. While there hasn’t been many blog posts this year, there had to be an end of the year post of reflection.

January I began to flourish working as a Lash artist for a franchise. Although the pay was not good or fair. I perfected my craft by the day.

February I dated a friend and it was fun but after about two months it was best it remained as friends and nothing more.

By April I celebrated by 31st birthday and I understood being happy within and appreciating those around me who are in my corner and support me unconditionally.

In June I gave a guy a chance that I didn’t even look at from a standpoint of dating when we worked together years ago. It went on for some months but unfortunately a tragic even happened in his life that did not allow him to be mentally capable to date and while I wanted to stick around it wouldn’t have been fair to me. We didn’t want the same things at the same time so I suggested we no longer date.

I didn’t have a hot girl summer and while I wish I did, I devoted my time into working and figuring out ways to achieve a goal of being an entrepreneur.

By the end of August I left the franchise that I worked for after a year and I started over with building my clientele.

September I started working for a company whom I thought was my dream job but yet it was not all that greener on the other side and by November I cut ties. All while in September I found out I had extremely low iron and hemoglobin levels and have to take medication. Every move I have made this year was to put myself in a better position career wise.

November I got back in the gym and my anxiety has taken a back seat to my life. I don’t allow it to control me and I do not involve myself with people or places that trigger my anxiety which is also why I have no problem walking away from a job.

In December I took the leap of faith with no consistent clientele nor income and obtained my own suite that allows me to be a full time entrepreneur provided services in eyelash extensions, Makeup and waxing. This has been a dream of mine since 2017 and when I attended beauty school in 2018 when someone would ask me what my end goal was I would say “To have my own space with just myself providing all services to women.”

While I’m going into 2020 single for 7 years, and have no children, 7 is my lucky number and this new year will be good to me financially, physically, and mentally. Thank you all who continuously read my blog, subscribed to my Youtube Channel and whom have listened to my podcasts. You are all greatly appreciated.

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