Social Media : Judgement Zone

The world of social media, whereve everyone is a judge, no one does wrong, everyone is perfect and has all the answers like Sway. Leave it up to social media for it to be a platform for people to voice their opinions on others lives as if they’re in their shoes.

I am speaking in general and this is not directed towards anyone or any specific subject. Over the years social media has become a curse for people, cyber bullying has been at an all time high, and people arent comfortable being themselves. I get it, everyone has an opinion but understand there’s a time and place for it and it is not always necessary to voice your opinion.

It’s very easy for someone to suggest what they would do or what a person should do, being the person on the outside looking in. They say never judge a person because you never know what a person is going through. A person should never have to justify their actions on why they do something , they only have to answer to god.

People put their personal business on social media leaving the floor open for people to place their opinions and judge them. Then you have those folks where the news speaks for them and tells their story which half of the time aren’t facts but yet social media makes it ten times worse with their slander.

Social Media is a curse because people love controversy, scandal, exposure, and drama. There’s no point in clearing up the rumors and stating facts because people have already made up their mind on what the truth is now a days.

You just never know what a person goes their outside of social media. People hide behind smiles, computer screens, and they may seem fine but are fighting the toughest battle of their life.

You all know I’m an advocate for positive vibes and I woke up in a good mood today but social media can be annoying sometimes with the negativity and finger-pointing. I had to vent and I was due for a blog post. Kudos to the celebrities that don’t read the comments , I understand those celebs that clapback though for sure! Everyone has an opinion this is true, and you won’t always agree with the way people do things, think before you get twitter fingers.


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