Social Saturday: Don’t Take Relationship Advice From Your Single Friend

All the time we hear people say “Don’t take advice from your single friends”, right?! Some of us single people may become offended. It does seem crazy to take advice from people who may not have experienced the same things that you have in life. Let’s discuss the stereotypes of taking advice from your single friends.

There is nothing wrong with venting to your friends about your relationship. Your friends may not need to provide advice every time but simply just be an ear to listen. We would imagine you wouldn’t just vent to anybody about your relationship verses your close friends whom would not be jealous or envious of your relationship.

:Disclaimer: This post applies to both male and female individuals in relationships.

Of course it’s never recommended to vent to social media about your relationship because your followers simply don’t care and are happy you’re going through something.

Venting to your friends and seeking advice is not a bad thing. One thing you should always keep in mind, it’s a relationship of two people, your friends aren’t in the relationship. They should not tell you what you should do but simply provide advice that would open your eyes to seeing the situation from your side and your significant others side.

Friends tend to compare their experiences to your relationship. Everyone is different and every situation is different. One may have similar characteristics but doesn’t mean they will do the same things.

When your friends are providing advice just because they’re single, doesn’t mean they are not speaking from experience and that they have no clue about relationships. Some people are single simply because they have not found their match and they refuse to settle just to claim they have someone. When your single you are learning more about yourself and reflecting on what you want and don’t want in a relationship.

I personally think that if you’re married you should surround yourself with other married couples because they can provide advice from experience. You shouldn’t seek advice from a single person whom has never been married because they’ve never experienced that before.

There is nothing wrong with venting and receiving advice from your single friends it is all in what you do with that advice. Your friends shouldn’t expect you to do what they would do in any situation, it’s your relationship.

You know the saying “too many critics and no credentials“, apply that to this situation when you seek advice from people whom have never been in a relationship , never been cheated on , or never been married.

I don’t think that you should vent to your friends every single time you fall out or have a disagreement with your significant other. Some things

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