Sorry for the wait….Welcome Back to The Introverted Lifestyle Blog

Welcome back to The Introverted Single Friend Website. I apologize for the delay in construction. It’s been about three weeks since the site has been down. I missed you all. I have so many topics lined up for the blog. In the words of Weezy F Baby, “sorry for the wait’’.

What has Jasminne been up to for the past three weeks? Well I am dating, casually. I have uploaded new podcast episodes as promised. I have been battling with anxiety and stress so I have been trying to find ways to manage that by putting myself first.

This week kicks off Pittsburgh Fashion Week. I am a lead makeup artist for local designer André Jones. I have also been trying to get myself out there as a freelance makeup artist and it is a challenge to say the least. I am very passionate about it and I will not give up, understand that when you want something it does take time and if it were easy everyone would be doing it.

I am a Lash artist at Deka Lash studio, brand new location it has been 30+ days and I am striving to be great as a lash artist and this in itself has been a challenge because it is a big difference going from salary to hourly and no benefits. As you all know I passed my boards in July. When you’re in the beauty industry and an entrepreneur you have to pay for your benefits out of pocket.

I wanted to make sure I restored my website, this is my outlet to relieve stress and connect with my readers and I appreciate the continuous support. I can’t believe it is September already! By any means I had to make sure my website was restored.

More topics to come, we are back in action and not going anywhere!

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  1. Glad to have good reading material again, appreciate the way you always honest with your audience, you share the good and the bad, looking forward to reading more in the future.

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