Positive Vibes Only

Positive Vibes Only

Happy Thursday! Thirsty Thursday, Throwback Thursday whatever you refer to your Friday Eve. Sending positive vibes your way.

I just wanted to share something with you all today in regards to having negative people in your life effecting your positive vibrations trying to dim your light. Let go, and let god.

You have 79 days until 2017 , for me I have been on this high where I only surround myself with positive people or I’m alone.I don’t indulge in gossip, I don’t waste my time arguing, I don’t judge people for their views or opinions I just let people be who they are. I pay attention to action rather than the words coming out of a person’s mouth.

What we have to realize is you can’t change anyone, and you can’t fault someone for how they feel or how they treat you. But what you can control is whom you allow in your presence. If have people who are being a burden on you, weighing you down mentally , physically, financially, deal with them from a distance. If you have people who aren’t happy for your success or your growth , then you need new friends. We should be uplifting each other, not judging or finding all the wrongs thing in what it is you’re trying to accomplish in life.

If you post a picture or a quote on social media and there are negative comments, look past it and click on that Block button. If you see someone being exposed on social media, rather than repost it or screenshot it , look past it. Negativity is contagious and we don’t want that disease. Don’t entertain foolishness because then you become apart of the problem.

Sometimes you have to distance yourself from certain people, family members, close friends, etc, and let them go their own way. Life is too short to focus on the negative and no need to waste time explaining to someone what they’re doing wrong or why you no longer deal with them. Don’t feel bad for leaving people where they are, I promise life is so much better when its positive and more carefree, don’t sweat the small things.

Thanks for reading….

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