Do’s & Don’ts While Your Man Is Watching Football

Do’s & Don’ts While Your Man Is Watching Football

Ladies, football season is here. If you’re into football sit down and watch the game with your man. If you’re not into football give your man his space. Think of it as you not wanting to be disturbed when your favorite television show is on and your man could care less about the show.

I always try to get both sides to every story or situation and this time around I’m seeking what the fellas want. Us ladies have to cater to the men during football season, it’s only right. I ask the fellas this question on social media and the responses weren’t of my surprise, and they actually made sense. When we were younger and even for some this still takes place, but you remember the video game ‘Madden’, that was a guys best friend, 24/7 , tournaments, and bets. Football is no different.

Don’t make plans that involve me on Sunday. If my team is playing on a Monday or Thursday those days are off-limits too. So you can ask me “Hey babe when does your team play this week?”, that way our schedule is coordinated.

Ladies that makes sense, especially because we like to plan outings ahead and we don’t like when guys forget or cancel at the last minute.

Don’t constantly ask questions while the game is on, if you don’t know football that is okay, just ask after the game. Food and beverages are always welcome, no need to ask. Lol

We all know food is one way to a man’s heart. If he has the fellas over or even if it is just him, prepare finger foods, have cold beers on chill and let him enjoy the game in peace. If you don’t mind watching the game, join him, but understand no interruptions unless it’s a commercial break.

Don’t ask any questions , if you are going to watch it, sit there and enjoy it. Make your man a plate and a drink and stay out the way.

So in all the feedback that the fellas have shared, the most requested DON’T would be do not speak. The most requested DO would be to have food prepared.

Ladies I hope this was helpful and I hope you can learn a thing or two about football this season to bond with your man. Fellas and ladies share your comments below.

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