Talk Tuesday: 5 Reasons Guys Judge Women By Their Instagram

Second Tuesday of the year and I wanted to hear from the fellas. I want to know do you judge woman from their Instagram posts? What makes you uninterested in a sense of not taking her serious? Does it matter if the person you’re dating is very active on social media?

The world we live in everything revolves around social media. We went from sending flirty pictures to your crushes cell phone to posting the pictures on social media for the world to see. We have Instagram models and just your local around the way girl doin’ it for the ‘gram. Instagram models may get paid to post, but your average chick is doin’ it for the likes.

The question of the day is, does a guy judge a woman from what she post on social media? Everyone that I have asked, said yes. No matter what you post in someway , you’re being judged good or bad. It’s even to the point that corporations check your social media like it is your résumé.

Why does a guy judge a female by what she post on social media? Dig in.

Half naked pictures. When you post pictures in your under garments, you have to expect the comments and direct messages to be directed towards your body parts. Don’t post a caption like “new hairstyle” , but you’re in boy shorts and a tankini. The two just doesn’t go together. The focus clearly isn’t on your hairstyle, no one is even paying attention to anything above the neck.

Twerking. So there is a time and place for everything. If all of your posts are twerk videos , you can’t expect someone to want to get to know you. These type of posts will have a guy look at you for sexual purposes only. Twerking is a form of dance, but when I asked guys what was it about twerking they replied, “I don’t want people to know my woman is a freak that’s only for me to know.” “It’s nice to look at of course but have more respect for yourself.” 

I wouldn’t judge a woman by her social media but I wouldn’t look over it. You don’t know if she is someone else online than whom they really are in real life.

Twerking depends on the atmosphere. It is just a dance, but I don’t like to see a woman post about sex.

Men bashing.  If majority of your posts are screaming “n*ggas ain’t sh*t” , or “I can’t stand my baby dad”, men can look at you as if you’re the problem on these situations. When you come a cross a few bad guys it doesn’t mean all guys are the same. It could be what your attract and whom you allow in your life.

Posting your personal business. If you’re “beefing” with someone the world shouldn’t know. It’s not classy for a female to argue back and forth on social media. You also shouldn’t get twitter fingers and indirectly throw shade at someone. It says a lot about your character when you spend most of your time caught up in drama.

I sometimes judge a woman by what she posts on social media , more if the personality doesn’t match. 

Nobody cares about your problems. Nobody cares that baby daddy isn’t sh*t. People kill me having 5k followers but nobody to call and vent to.

Real vs Facade. It’s hard to tell who is really themselves on social media. The things people do for attention is unbelievable. Some of us don’t think twice when we hit the post button. Boasting. Do we have to post every item that we buy ? Do we have to post every guy that we’re dating? This makes it seem as though you’re a serial dater or you’re simply trying to stunt on your ex. We all know how popular filters are and how they enhance the face, let’s be honest it can make you a 6 to a 10 in seconds. Be mindful that there aren’t filters in real life, you want to look like yourself.


:This post wasn’t to bash women or tell you what to post on social media. Just put thought into what you share on your social media:

Thanks for reading!

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