Talk Tuesday: Is There A Difference of Men Cheating vs Women Cheating?


Talk Tuesday: Is there a difference of Men Cheating vs Women Cheating?

Today’s post is inspired by the new HBO Series: Insecure starring Issa Rae. The finale has everyone in a frenzy and as I binge watched the last few episode leading to the Finale, it definitely was a though provoking episode. I couldn’t help but to think about the double standard that comes into play when cheating is involved. If you haven’t checked out this new series, you may want to, everyone in some way can relate to this real raw series.

I don’t want this post to be able Insecure, but to be about the difference of how one is effected when men cheat vs women cheating. Not all women cheat, and not all men cheat, and yes there are levels to cheating.

Emotional Cheating. People can agree to disagree on the notion that women cheat emotionally. What this means is, time and attention invested in a male outside of her relationship. It may start off as a genuine friendship but it can lead to either person catching feelings for this person and wanting to act on it. Hanging out frequently, talking / texting on the phone daily, hell it may even be someone who you work closely with. This person has put in work with getting to know you and being that listening ear when you have problems with the man who you’re with. This person knows what you like, knows what you don’t like, knows how to make you laugh and smile.

Fellas can emotionally cheat too. If your woman is too busy, or you feel as though she doesn’t listen to you, then you proceed to find that listening ear elsewhere. It can be a woman on social media, a co-worker, or even a long time friend whom you’ve never had sexual relations with. This can be the girl that comes and hangs out with you and the fellas at wing night or happy hour.

Physical Cheating. Woman can atest that this is the most common form of cheating for men. Whether it be oral sex or full-blown sexual intercourse with another woman. This can be a one night stand, it can be someone whom he’s known for a long time, or it can be the chic leaving those heart eye emojis under his picture from 45 days ago. With men , they can cheat physically and never talk to that woman again with no feelings involved, or they can also continuously cheat with the same person or even a different person and not get caught until this chick gives him the ultimatum to “leave your girl for me or I’ll tell her about us”, or if you’re the inspector gadget type you find yourself looking through his phone and see the text messages.

When it comes to women, they can physically cheat with their ex-boyfriend, baby father, co-worker, male best friend, or that guy that they’ve always had a history with but never took it to the next level. Women are less likely to get caught than as they are discreet and smart.

At the end of the day cheating is cheating. There isn’t ever an excuse to cheat. The point I am trying to get across today is that of all the many ways to cheat, Men want second and third chances whereas if a woman cheats, the man is completely done with her and does not wish to remain in a relationship with her.

A man expects numerous chances to make things right because he feel as though he had to get that out his system, he feels as though it was just a f*ck and the woman he cheated on you with doesn’t mean anything to him. A man doesn’t wish to remain in a relationship with a woman who’s cheated on him because he knows once you’re emotionally attached to someone else , you can’t compete with that, this guy may always be an issue in your relationship, you may have a harder time leaving the past in the past.

For the record , I have never cheated and if I was ever cheated on you , I just never found out about it. I don’t condone cheating by any means. I also don’t think one is ride or die for sticking by someone who did cheat on them.

Please share your thoughts below. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Excellent quick read on both sides of the fence on this topic. I agree with all the points made here. Just want to add one thing too: if he/she takes back their cheating significant other, he/she will get cheated on again. I firmly believe that.

    -Again, a great read!

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