Talk Tuesday: Does Ring Size Matter?

Too often we make things about material things and how much money someone spends on you determines how they feel about you. I’ve seen topics on the wedding ring size whether it determines if a woman will say yes or no when the man gets on one knee. Let’s talk.

Being a woman who always dreamed of my wedding day, from the decor, to the wedding dress to the type of ring I would like, I will say it does matter to me.

I understand women whom feel as though they would say yes whether he has a ring or not or that they would rather spend that money as a down payment on a house. That’s all fine and that just maybe your preference.

I’ve seen different scenarios on social media women share their stories of how the man proposed and how he purchased their ring from a department store and they accepted with no hesitation. There were also women who stated they will accept any ring and upgrade later.

I am not passing any judgment but I will tell you why it matters to me. A man should save three months worth of his paychecks to save up for the ring. With this I feel it shows if he is good at saving money, investments, and financially stable. It doesn’t matter what type of job he has but I strongly feel like if you are not financially “ready” or can afford three months income for a ring, just wait.

For me I’ve never been a materialistic type of lady. I don’t wear any designer bags or belts or shoes. I’ve only worn gold earrings and bracelets that were bought for me by my father. A wedding ring should be a reflection of the woman, she should feel like a queen when she shows off that ring finger. Everyone has different standards and that’s what makes everyone diverse.

A figure what put out there that minimum a man should spend $5000, and I can agree with that. There are plenty of rings for that amount that are gorgeous. I also am not saying I would get the ring appraised to make sure that’s  how much he spent either.

I may offend some people , I may come off at bouji but trust me I’m far from it. I will say I agree with the statement that you shouldn’t expect something from someone if you can’t provide that for yourself.

I previously stated that if you’re not financially stable you should wait to propose. I don’t want you to propose and we end up walking down the aisle 4 years later because we are working on our finances. Priorities above all else things should already be in progress before popping the question. While I don’t want to move in with my man until we are at least engaged we can still have our own accounts that we can combine when its time for that down payment on a home.

When you propose , your credit should be sufficient enough you can either pay for the ring straight out or put it on a credit card. No one is saying go broke or go beyond your means, stay in your tax bracket. I don’t want you missing payments on your car note to save for this ring.

Different strokes for different strokes, if neither of us are half way where we want to be financially, walking down the aisle would be a wrong move. After the ring comes the wedding and they say the woman’s family should pay for the wedding , well I already know I don’t have that luxury so I would definitely want to be able to afford the wedding of my dreams with a nice ring to match. I look at it as you should get married once and you should be able to have the wedding that you want. Yes a wedding is one day but you are making memories and if you budget wisely you won’t be in debt.

Many people have stated that the ring size shouldn’t matter just be happy that someone wants to marry you. Then I’ve seen people state that if size matters to you that you need to learn life and get your morals together. Everything isn’t for everyone.

Thanks for reading I would love to know your thoughts leave a comment below!

Hey love, thanks for reading I would love to know your thoughts on this post. Comment below!

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