Talk Tuesday: Why Should A Woman Stick Around Until A Man Gets it Right?

A couple of days ago, I watched rapper Trina on The Breakfast Club and she was asked a few questions about dating and relationships. What stood out to me is when she generally asked, “Should a woman stick by her man if he cheats?” 

I personally have had this debate with people over and over and I get mixed feedback. Some say its situational, and circumstantial. I think it all stems from double standards. A guy wants you to stick around until he gets it right but let you step out on the relationship, honey it’s done, no second or third chance.

In the interview Trina also stated “I was looked at as the most crazy stupid person because of who he was. He lied , he cheated and I left” . In society , it’s all hypocritical. If you stay with a man who cheats you’re dumb, you need to realize your worth. But if you leave it’s like you didn’t stick by his side to work it out, you gave up on him.

For celebrities its like the mans occupation is his excuse for why he steps out in a relationship. The lifestyle. That’s his scapegoat. For a man with a 9-5 or out in the streets, its his fatherless childhood or his homies influencing him. None of the above are justifiable. Own up to your wrong doing. It’s that simple.

I always find it funny that people believe this but if a WOMAN gets caught cheating, he wants to kill her and will NEVER FORGIVE OR FORGET .

When your man cheats, will you take him back? Does it matter if he is the father of your child(ren), your fiancé, or your husband? These are questions women are asked all the time, but did the man stop to think about what he had at home when he stepped out? Why should a woman hold it together when its a partnership and he’s not being a team player?

I have a ZERO tolerance for cheating. There is no way I’d be able to stick it out. To me cheating is a selfish act. One that I don’t have time for. When you decide to cheat, you’ve decided to end our relationship and/or marriage

We all know women whom been cheated on and worked it out with their guy. Personally, there is no judgement from me, and I hope he learned his lesson and seen your value to his life. Then there are those whom have been cheated on and didn’t take their man back and work towards happiness within themselves daily.

Two things I won’t tolerate under no circumstances are a liar and a cheater. I can’t give a man a second chance because I honestly wouldn’t be able to forgive & move forward. I also don’t believe if you truly love someone you want to hurt them. To each is own.

..treat your spouse how you would want to be treated and that eliminates the bs .

Thanks for reading !

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