Talk Tuesday: Would You Stay After Being Cheated On…

Cheating has been made an easy task to do in the world of social media. Cheating has become the norm in some relationships. In some relationships cheating isn’t an end all be all. Topic of discussion today applies to both men and women, would you stay with your significant other if they cheated on you and a baby was conceived?Today’s topic of discussion I have received feedback on all social platforms by way of a poll. Let me first share the results:



Facebook Responses:

While the men stated absolutely no under no circumstances, there was a very interesting dialogue between the ladies.

I haven’t never been cheated on…in which I knew about or was told I had been cheated on. Fortunately I have not had that heartbreak. Personally speaking under any circumstances I do not condone cheating. When it comes to marriage and the vows we take, for better or for worse does not apply to cheating for me. I do not believe in second chances. Once the trust is gone you have nothing. There isn’t enough counseling in the world that could help heal me from being cheated on and continuing on in the relationship.

If we are not married and you cheat on me it’s an absolute no for me. No second chance given. I don’t believe it is the woman’s fault when a man cheats. When a man steps out on his woman he is seeking to find what he is lacking. I also do not believe that there is a validation for cheating. I believe it’s a cop out it’s a poor excuse for a cry for your needs not being met whether emotional or physical. This is why communicate key. Cheating comes in all forms it doesn’t have to be physical to be considered as cheating.

This day and age with social media it has become very easy to cheat and also the norm in some relationships especially amongst celebrities.

Here are a few Male responses I want to share:

I already knew some men would not allow cheating at all from a woman. Men are not emotionally strong as women. Men are ready to kill someone when they find out you’ve gone on a date with another guy.

I just know my heart couldn’t take that type of heartbreak and I wouldn’t look at the person the same and I feel as though that child would be a constant reminder of you stepping out on me. Let alone the fact I would have to have this other woman in my life.

I totally understand relationships are hard and it is hardwork but cheating is intolerable for me. I have had some women admit in their younger years they have stayed with their significant other after cheating but the person that they are today they would absolutely not accept that behavior from a man. It takes a special kind of person to forgive and move on and work it out after being cheated on.

My issue with cheating is that whose to say it won’t happen again? Whose to say it hasn’t happened before and this is the first time you found out about it? I just wouldn’t want my family to have to bail me out of jail for this type of mess. I have a brand protect you can’t have me out in these streets on some waiting to exhale type of stuff.

As a woman I couldn’t bring myself to cheat on my significant other. If I’m communicating with him my wants and needs from him and he is not making any effort, it’s time for me to go. You can’t get into the ring with someone whom isn’t willing to fight. Nor will I seek attention from another man to make my current man jealous and for him to come to his senses. All of that takes too much time and energy.

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