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I’ve been contemplating this post for the last 24 hours. Figuring out how to interest my viewers with this topic, figuring where to begin but not ramble too much to keep your attention. I decided to just let it all out and update you on where I’m at as the cold weather arrives and cuffin’ season is in full effect…

For the past couple months I’ve been feeling like the weight of the world is on my shoulders and only I can be strong enough to lift it all. It seems as though as the months pass by things aren’t getting better.

For me I’m an over thinker, a worry wort, however you want to define it , that’s apart of me. Some things I don’t speak on I just handle it, more times than not. I don’t like to complain, I don’t like sympathy. I want to deal with things on my own.

My stress stems from family life, work life, personal life and the only thing I do to not think about it is sleep, eat, write and workout. I’m the one everyone comes to for advice and to vent so I don’t like to be the person that needs to vent, I want to be the problem solver.

I know that I’m an introvert and I am always out and about doing things alone but this past weekend I actually wanted to get cute , and go out but I didn’t have that one person I can call up randomly and go out with whether it was out to dinner or out for drinks. I don’t want anyone to take offense to this because we all lead busy lives. My girlfriends are in relationships and or has children so things have to be planned ahead of time. Short term: meet new people.

For some reason this last week has been my breaking point, I just couldn’t take another ounce of bad news or issue, or anything bad. There I was one day after work balling like a little girl. I know what you’re thinking everyone cries. Well not this Aries, only during funerals or during a dramatic movie. In all honesty it felt good to let that out.

Last night I found myself watching my workout videos that I post on social media and I seen a fighter, a determined , goal oriented individual that needed to re-claim happiness. This morning I made sure I didn’t miss my 6am workout and my trainer knew something was up , he said “whatever you’re going through you’re wearing it, and you can’t do that.” For that 60 minute workout I gave it all I had and left it in the gym.


I say all of that to say, whatever you’re going through is temporary. You have to struggle to appreciate the success.

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    1. Awwah thanks so much I was nervous when I hit publish! Thanks I admire your fitness journey as well when I fell off! Love ya back girl!

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