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You have your whole life planned out at a very young age. You envision life for yourself as perfect and you believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to and that there will be no stops on the journey to happiness, the world revolves around you. Nobody can stand in your way, you have the recipe to success, until reality hits you…

It was the Summer going into ninth grade , the most frightening transition I’d have to experience. Just thinking about making new friends, wondering if you’ll be popular , or if there will be cute guys in your classes. This means you’re at the bottom of the totem pole, you’re not the oldest or high priority, there are no special treatments for Freshman. It’s Summer time, I plan to live it up, stay out late. I’m a cheerleader for my neighborhood Football team, being popular in your neighborhood doesn’t mean much when you’re in High School, I’m sure. I’m young but yet I’ve been approached by guys in my neighborhood that have no business looking my way. It’s flattering, its fun, my confidence is on 10 but I keep it to myself. I like attention, I mean who doesn’t.

Excuse my manners, I’m Aubrey, just a brown skin girl from New York with high hopes of being an executive at a public relations firm.

His name was William. He was 6’6, light skin, banging body, curly hair, but he was four years older than me. He was too old to play on the neighborhood football team and he was also too old for me. I’m innocent there’s no harm in talking on the phone or hanging out at the playground. There was no way anyone could find out about whatever this is going on. Me being naive I’m thinking he’s definitely about to be my first boyfriend, girls are going to be jealous when they see me on his arm at school in the Fall.

The best part of it all was that I had no older brothers checking on me, I was the oldest, and I have one brother who was still in elementary school at the time. William, of course he was popular, he knew everyone in the neighborhood, all the girls were on his jock, but yet he was checking for me. I was so nervous to call him at his home, “what if his mom answered”, “what if his sister answers the phone?”, all of these questions crossed my mind. He had his own phone line, I was in luck. I called William and had no clue what to talk about , no direction for the conversation. I didn’t want to be such a lame and ask “what’s your favorite food”, “what’s your favorite color”, I asked “what are you doing?”. He told me I would be his lil’ shorty. I don’t know how much of good thing this was but I was smiling ear to ear, but I still couldn’t tell anyone.

From then on we talked on the phone a few times during the week in the Summer, we never hung out one on one , it was always coincidences when we ended up at the same place at the same time. We had mutual friends so no one thought anything of it just innocent flirting. It was when he asked me if my parents were home and what I had on, that I didn’t expect what was going to happen next….


Thanks for reading check back next Friday for Part II.


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