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Hey world! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve had a new blog post! Hello March, New month, New money! What’s on my mind right now is how complicated dating is and why it doesn’t need to be.

We all know I have been single for over 4 years and I get my feet wet every now and again with dating but nothing serious becomes of it. Here we are and I want to date in 2019 and have that go somewhere good and doesn’t lead them to being blocked in my phone.

I’m an aries, we are leaders and strong-minded and independent. I am an Esthetician and I work two different places which results in working 7 days a week. This is why there hasn’t been any new blog posts and why I have limited time to cater to a man.

I think the saying “people make time for what they want to make time for”, is cliché. I feel as though people may prioritize what they need to do and while they may want to interact, or entertain someone it may not fit into their schedule that day and it’s nothing personal.

Being as though I have been single for so long, I have to adjust and compromise and it is difficult. While I may be interested in someone and enjoy their company I also like my space and after a long day I don’t want to talk on the phone or text I just want to shower, lay in bed and watch Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t want to feel guilty for that.

I have always been a private person, and on my own. Even though I have siblings, I have always been to myself. So when it comes to telling someone your whereabouts, that’s challenging for me and it’s not that I’m hiding something I just feel like it’s not important. I also feel like if you don’t return a call but you text, that is still a form of communication.

While some people may prefer talking on the phone rather than texting, I like both. I also feel like no one is just sitting around holding their phone waiting for someone to call or text them. We are all busy in some way and people who grind and hustle should understand, time is limited nor is it taken for granted.

I’m not big on confrontation, a misunderstanding or disagreement is fine but the back and forth, and being petty or throwing subliminal posts on social media is something I don’t entertain at all.

When it comes to dating my advice is to have understanding, have patience, learn to compromise, and communicate. Communication is key.

Hey love, thanks for reading I would love to know your thoughts on this post. Comment below!

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