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Just so that we’re all on the same page let’s just define communication. Communication means the connection of two people. When it comes to dating, or even a friendship, communication is key. If you’re around someone and you feel as though you can’t talk to them because of fear of how they will react, that’s not good.

Listen. It’s very important that you listen to what the person is expressing to you , and not just listen to respond, but listen to understand where they are coming from. That’s why when you have something on your mind or heavy on your heart you want to be able to communicate this to the person in a calm un-defensive manner and not by way of an intense argument. When it’s an argument it’s a boxing match , you both are screaming and yelling and you’re not listening, neither of you can get your point across.

Delivery. It’s not what you say it’s how you say it. I understand most times there is no way to say how you feel in a nice polite way, but you can adjust the tone of your voice. Certain things should not be conveyed through text because it is easy to get misconstrued. Talking on the phone or talk in person so that you both have an understanding of how each other feels. When you’re upset , and you already have your mind-set of what you want to say you have to stop, take a deep breath and make sure you’re open to their response to how you feel and even open to listen to how they feel.

Be Careful of the outlet in which you choose to vent. Now a days people run to social media to vent rather than talking to the person that they have the  issue with. It’s not always smart to run to Facebook or Twitter, people don’t care, and they’re happy that you have problems. Also you don’t have to run to your friends every time you have an argument or disagreement with a friend or partner. You don’t want to allow outside opinions to alter your own views and dictate YOUR feelings. Not to say one is easily influenced but when you have multiple opinions it can make the issue bigger than what it needs to be.

Communication is key in any type of relationship. If you have a partner or friend that you feel as though you can’t talk to, there has to be changes made. Tell them that you feel this way and understand that things won’t change over night but one should be open to change to help grow the relationship. Personally, I’ve always been one to express how I feel verbally with the individual at all times, and I have been in situations where the other person didn’t know how to communicate or they just didn’t care enough to fix the issues. When it comes to communication you have to be patient and put your pride to the side.


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