Two Year Anniversary at My WorkPlace | Business

2017 will be the year of reaching milestones from personal to business for me. Today I celebrate two years with the place that pays me. May not seem like a long time for some but I’m proud of every little accomplish I achieve for myself and most people aren’t fortunate to have a place of employment.


2013 was the year I was finding out what it is I really enjoyed, what my passion was, how I can better myself, after being fired from a job I only held for six months. I was on unemployment and I wasn’t afraid of what was to come next, I wasn’t stressed out about when I would find another job. Yes I had major bills to pay but god held me down. I took the time to find myself. I started my entertainment blog, I started working out, I did things for myself. I was finding temporary jobs here and there but nothing consistent.

I can remember when I first applied to the company I had three interviews in one day and I didn’t receive any call backs. I was discouraged and disappointed but I didn’t let that stop me. I knew this was a great company to work for and I would get my feet wet in the business world if I was able to land a position with this company. I then received a call back after applying a year later , I completed the phone interview after passing the assessment. I was called in for a face to face interview and it was a group setting interview which I’ve never been apart of. It’s like your competing for the position with whom answers the open-ended questions the best, to me it seemed that way. I interviewed with 6 other potential employees and I was the only one to move forward to the second interview and land the position.

My training class held 26 people in 2015 and today from my training class only 4 people remain with the company. For me I wanted this job to be a career, something I enjoyed waking up and going to everyday. I set goals for my self for this position. I was hired on as part-time and I told myself to take the position after you’re here for a while there will be a full-time position. Sure enough four months after training I was full-time and I was already seeking other positions that I could transition to.

Summer of 2015 I was in a new position in addition to my current skill and by the Fall I was training for yet another position. See for me I have to learn new things, I have to challenge myself, every six months I wanted a change. I wasn’t the manager’s pet, I wasn’t trying to figure out who’s who to know to move ahead I allowed my work ethic to speak for me. By Spring 2016 I was promoted to a manager position and I was shocked at myself but proud. I’m a firm believer in not waking up everyday hating my job, anything that does not make me happy I remove it. I learn new things, a manager once said to my class:

…..dress for the job that you want , not for the job you have. 

March 2017 will make 1 year in my manager position and I am already researching within the company what’s next for me. I have personal goals and I want to achieve them one by one and one of those goals are to not work for someone by the age of 35 years old and this will take time but I am ready for whats to come for me.


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