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Last week I celebrated my birthday. It was such a great week and I wanted to reflect on that and share with you all what I did to celebrate and share this new-found glow I have which come from mastering the Art of not caring about the things that do not matter.

Usually around my birthday I don’t get too excited. Last year was the first year I didn’t have a birthday dinner. I dislike inviting people and they don’t show up. I also dislike being single on my birthday because I’d much rather take a baecation. 

Every year the day before my best friend and I birthday we celebrate at midnight to take a shot. This year my best friend celebrated her birthday in Vegas with her family. Our birthdays are a week apart. The day before my birthday we went to a lounge for WCW / April Birthday special. It was decided last-minute after we shopped at the mall all day. 

We had a ball! One of my close friends is a DJ and his birthday is April 20th we usually have a party together. He is the resident DJ at the lounge so of course we were taken care of and we had no worries that night just good music, laughs, and strong drinks. You have to check out my YouTube Channel for the recap. 

The morning of my birthday I had a hair appointment scheduled. I went darker simply to get rid of the blonde tips and of course I love getting my hair blown out which we know is only once or twice a year. Following my hair appointment I ate lunch and took a nap. No one annoyed or irritated me nor did I get a headache. My day was very chill.

I had ordered a dress weeks ago but it ended up being too big. Luckily I had two pairs of shoes I ordered months ago but never worn that were on sale. I also has a few dresses in my closet that I never worn so that was a relief since I found no birthday dinner outfit at the mall.

White two piece set: Naked Wardrobe
Shoes: Aldo
Clutch: Aldo

This year I had dinner at Roland’s Seafood Grille located in the strip district of Pittsburgh. I have been a pescatarian for two years so this was a perfect place. A few of my girlfriends and a few of my brothers  came out to celebrate.

After we had dinner we went to a bar for a few drinks. My best friend was the party planner and that was stress off of me. I didn’t worry about who didn’t show up all that matter were those who did show up and celebrated my birthday with me.

Saturday my sisters joined me for brunch at the casino and the food was great and it was paired with $1 mimosas.

Following brunch we attended a day party from 3pm-7pm we arrived around 6, but it rained so it killed the mood! I think after awhile the mimosas caught up to me and made me sleepy.

My birthday was amazing the only money I spent was on anything I wore otherwise everything was taken care of everywhere I went and all the love I received was simply amazing. I took off a few days from work to relax and enjoy my birthday. I come back to work this week with a full book and I am blessed.

Now when I enter my 30s I developed this new sense of weight being lifted off my shoulders. I feel like a woman, a grown woman. I take pride in being selfish with my time, selfish with my energy, selfish with whom I allow in my space. This is how you maintain positive vibes and that glow. When you’re single with no children you’re allowed to be single.

I haven’t really posted much on my social media within the last few months as far as pictures of myself. So of course with recent photos I’ve shared I have received direct messages which you all know I dislike. Its like with holidays people tend to use that as an excuse to shoot their shot. Don’t fall for it.

Just because someone approaches you or shows interest in you doesn’t mean you have to give them a chance, not everyone deserves that.

When I say unapologetically Selfish I mean not accepting excuses from people and see their actions as a message. Don’t allow people to come in and out of your life and deal with you on their time or come to you as if you should pick up where you left off. Don’t hold spots for people in your life hoping they’ll be the person you want them to be. Live your life, go on dates.

When you enter your 30s, you don’t take time for granted, you start to do more things for yourself and do things that make you happy. Leave people where they’re at not everyone is meant to be apart of your story.

Us as people have to stop looking to others to make us happy. No one owes you anything. Make yourself happy and you’ll be less disappointed when you don’t have expectations for people.

My next adventure will be this Summer! I haven’t gone on a trip in years and we are planning a girls trip! Stay tuned.

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  1. This blessed me soo, I feel the same way with a birthday coming up so its great to know im not alone with my thoughts or feelings!

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