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Valentine’s Day is the most popular, money-making day of the year. Valentine’s Day couples go all out to show their significant other how much they love and care about them. Valentine’s Day can mean whatever you want it to me to you and can be celebrated amongst family and friends, not just couples.

Valentine’s Day is one week away. Most couples may celebrate this weekend, while some may just celebrate it on the special day. Lover’s Day is a day that people celebrate their love for someone, whether it’s their parents, siblings, or significant other.

The cliché statement “Why do you need 1 day to show someone how you feel if you do it 365 days”… blah, we don’t care! Celebrate how you want to celebrate and that’s all that matters.

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Gift Suggestions:

  • Flowers
  • A Card
  • Chocolate/ Edible Arrangement
  • Stuffed Animals/Life Size Teddy Bear
  • Gift Cards
  • Spa Day
  • Cologne/Perfume

Check out this post here for more Vday gift suggestions.

The lover’s holiday tends to be a sappy day for single people, but celebrate the love you have for yourself. Take yourself out, buy yourself flowers, spend the day with your other single friends.

As someone who hasn’t had many Valentine’s, it is still a beautiful day and I love to see people celebrate their love for the people in their life. I’m a gift giver and I enjoy seeing someone I care about smile.

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I’ve known some men who never received a gift from their significant other, they’ve always just spoiled the woman in their life. I think it should go both ways, it’s a day to celebrate each other, so you should spoil each other. You may not buy a man flowers, but there are other ways to show your love for that person. You can do a couples spa day, pay for his haircut, splurge and get that Nike Tech Fit, sis!

If the woman in the relationship plans every date night, or outing that ya’ll do together on a regular basis, bro take the initiative and plan Valentine’s Day! Let her be in her full feminine energy on this Day but know that she’ll spoil you that day too.

Comment below your most memorable Valentine’s Day.


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