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A new week, a new vlog! This week I have completed my first week of beauty school and of course I filmed the journey. If you haven’t been keeping up with me, with the new year I started Beauty School for the Esthetician program. Thus far the journey has been fun and interesting. I want to share my journey with hopes that I motivate and inspire you to execute your goals.

Week 1 of Beauty School, I met my classmates, learned a little more about my instructor. We received our makeup kits, and wax pots, and we have our first two exams. My classes are in the evenings, Monday through Thursday. There are about 14 other females in my class and the class isn’t that big as far as space wise. All of the ladies come from different backgrounds and walks of life and its interesting to get to know them and speak with them and see what they plan to do after graduation.

A few things I have learned this week:

  • How to properly perform a facial massage
  • How to color match a lighter skin versus a darker skin tone
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for class you will not earn your hours for that day
  • Sanitize is very important in this industry
  • Retail is apart of the job and in order to be successful you must properly communicate with your client

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