Wednesday Brunch: 5 Rules To Having A Summer Fling

Seems like we skipped Spring and went straight to Summer with the 90 degree weather! Summer time means Summer Fling which means someone to enjoy Summer nights with. Nobody ever has a Winter Fling that’s just called Cuffing Season. Now there are levels to having a Fling let’s set some rules.

Establish A Mutual Understanding. We all know when you lay it all out upfront there shouldn’t be any misunderstanding or blurred lines. Discuss what it is you’re looking for, whether that being something serious (who does that in the Summer?) or just going with the flow looking to have fun without commitment.

No Pictures Please. We’re in the Era of social media ruling the world. If it’s a Summer Fling no need to have everyone in your business. If you must post him/her to you social media of your choice, I’d highly recommend using Snapchat I mean it only last 24 hours and you can tell who screenshot! But if you like to keep things private well you know the saying, “no face, no trace”.

Now before we get to rule #3 if you’re still confused as to what a Summer Fling is please read below:

A general rule of summer flings is that your life outside this person should remain more or less the same. The whole point of a fling, after all, is that you get to cash in on the fun stuff and not have to deal with any of the baggage that can accompany real relationships.
CC: Shape / Lifestyle Magazine

Carry On.

This Shall Not Catch Feelings. Summer Fling usually last from June to the end of August. If one of you catches feelings you’re in too deep. This wasn’t apart of the plan. But hey feel free to speak your peace but don’t feel no type of way if the other person’s feelings aren’t mutual. It’s still debatable that two people can’t mess around without someone catching feelings.

Have Fun, it doesn’t have to just be physical. It doesn’t have to be just booty calls or mid day sex sessions. The point is to have someone to have fun. Go to amusement parks, attend concerts, they can be your plus one to a friend’s wedding, hit a drive-in movie, take a road trip. Nothing wrong with bringing your Summer Fling around your friends but NOT the family. Flag on the play.

Do not check your baggage. The point is to have this person be your peace, someone to be a distraction from your reality. No need to become serious with the 21 questions or trying to meet their kid(‘s) if they have any, checking phones, asking for Instagram passwords, tripping if they don’t call you right back. Everything outside of this Summer Fling is the same, you’re both single and you’re having fun with each other leave the baggage at the gate.


Tip: If you both want to continue on there after the Summer, sit down and have that talk and revisit what it is you’re looking for. If feelings are mutual and you think a relationship could work between the two of you, then go for it. Otherwise end on a positive honest note and keep them on standby til next Summer!

Hey love, thanks for reading I would love to know your thoughts on this post. Comment below!

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