Wednesday Brunch: Cliché Concept If You Have A Vagina You Shouldn’t Be Broke

Now that I have your attention. I am fed up with the tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram memes that if you have a vagina you shouldn’t be broke. This notion that a woman should never go with out if she’s using this “pu**y is power” to her advantage is debatable, so let’s argue.

Over the years and now more frequently I am seeing men express their thoughts that any woman with a vagina shouldn’t be broke. My dilemma is when a woman goes after what she wants and solely interested in a guy for materialistic things, then she’s called a gold digger. If men feel that a woman should be able to get whatever she wants or needs from a guy just because her p**** should be power then what’s the difference when women are accused of using a man?! Riddle me that.

Back in high school majority of the girls in school dated guys that were older than them, had money, flashy jewelry, latest Jordan’s etc. Me, I just wasn’t into that. Maybe the females talked a good game for a guy to do whatever she wanted without her having to engage in sex. Theres a price to pay for everything.

This post isn’t to take a jab at the guys, I know some women would even side with the fellas on this and don’t see anything wrong. There must be levels to this.

Now some women might say you just have to use what you have as an advantage, when you don’t give “it” up so easy it’s a challenge for a guy and it makes him want to work for it so therefore he has no problem barring gifts and money and paying your bills. At some point you have to cash out and I will bet no guy is going to do all these nice things just because, or am I stereotyping? These men can be generous and a good friend with no expectations set for you and just want to simply see you happy, smile and living your best life…right.

I don’t agree with this notion because I can’t even ever bring myself to accept just because gifts, cash, trips, without the thought in the back of my mind he expects something from me, maybe not now, but later. Especially because I think it is such a turn off when a guy pulls out a ton of cash and doesn’t mind who sees it just to pay for something less than $20. Am I supposed to drop my panties here or outside? I think too deep because my next question is do you have a bank account? Why are you carrying around all this cash, are you asking to be robbed? Help me understand.

It just baffles me at the thought that a woman should be taken care of financially because she is simply that of a woman because “p***y is power”. But then a guy will make you his baby mother before he makes you his wife?!

I just could never fix my lips to ask a man for anything unless it’s my father or 1 of my 10 biological brothers, if they can’t provide it or I can’t get it myself, baby I don’t need it. Wait isn’t that called a sponsor? A man whom funds your expenses, right?

According to the Urban Dictionary:

What struck this post also was when I seen someone post online that they came across a woman with children at the bus stop, and they stated her vagina must be weak if no dude couldn’t provide a car for her. My response is never assume. How do you know the father of the children has a car himself? How do you know if the father is even in the children’s lives? I do think that a man should provide for his children hence why there’s a thing called child support. I also think that if a man has a car his children should have a car as well and it doesn’t have to be a 2018 Benz, he doesn’t have to buy it, he can simply provide half to go towards a vehicle.

While I’m simply providing my thoughts and opinion on MY blog, people do the same on social media everyday. Just because one voices their opinion doesn’t meant it’s a fact or that’s how things should be. This isnt a rant it’s simply my response to observing how people share their thoughts of how woman should act.

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  1. The fact that a so called man would assume a woman’s status is defined by what’s between her legs let’s you know how bad society has gotten! You can tell woman are being degraded at a level of an item or thing not a woman! Smh but woman are out starting businesses and graduating college at a higher level then men but they must be getting ahead by their p***y. I hope nobody’s daughter, sister, mother sees this and feels like they have to give up something to get ahead in life! If woman support this idea or plan because of what the media shows then please ask someone who grew up in a different generation how a woman is suppose to be! Sad that this is even a discussion on both sides

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