Wednesday Brunch: Dating Someone Years Younger Than You

We all know the saying, ‘Age ain’t nothing but a number’, when it comes to dating is this a deal breaker for you? No matter how old someone maybe, it doesn’t dictate their maturity level. Now a days it seems as though it is the norm to date someone younger than you, whether you’re a male or female.

Today’s Wednesday Brunch topic is inspired by something I seen on Instagram a few days ago. Singer songwriter, Keyshia Cole posted a photo of her new boo whom is 14 years younger than she. All I thought about was is he a good influence and mature enough to be a step-father figure for her son. Although her son has his father in his life, Keyshia’s new boo would still be around her son, if they’re serious.


When it comes to a guy dating a younger woman, that’s normal, we’ve always seen that. In some instances double standards kick in when it comes to women dating a younger guy. Blac Chyna has also been seen dating younger guys since her break up with Rob Kardashian.

Of course I had to do a poll on Instagram.

Some of my women followers even responded via direct message and simply said, ‘no’, they would not date someone younger. One guy even stated that after his last encounter with a younger women he would not do it again.

Gabrielle Union is married to Dwyane Wade, she is 9 years older than he. Monica Brown is married to Shannon Brown which there is a 5 year age gap between the two.

I have dated a guy whom was three years younger than me and it was not an issue for me. I was 26 at the time and he was 23. He had a job, he didn’t have any kids, he had a car and he was responsible. His mental wasn’t that of a 23 year old which is why his age was not a problem for me. My only hesistance at first was that I have brothers his age and closer to his age.

I don’t see any issue dating someone younger as long as the vibe is real, the person is mature and they have goals in life. Now that I’m a bit older I would either date someone my age or someone older. It’s funny because when it comes to dating someone older I feel as though I have to have my sh*t together and be ready to settle down. People laugh when I say that because it doesn’t matter the age it doesn’t make a person mature.

Some may not choose to date someone younger because there can be long term complications. Your age can speak in ways where you may not have a lot in common, you may not be ready for the same things like starting a family, settling down, less partying. This maybe this person’s first serious relationship. This is all examples of why it is always important to communicate.

Let’s have a toast to dating someone you vibe with , laugh with , and is a mature person.

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