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It’s an unwritten code not to date your ex significant others family member or best friend. These days I’ve seen many violations. While some take into consideration the length of the relationship and the seriousness. Let’s talk, grab your mimosa.

Of course I had to take a poll on social media to have the input of my followers.

Here are some Facebook Responses:

Entertaining someone whom was very close to your ex is distasteful. There are so many other people in the world that you could date. I know females can be spiteful and date their ex’s best friend and the same goes for a male.

Understand it does take two and both parties should be held accountable but it is of course frowned upon when it comes to a woman. From the feedback received on Facebook both me and women actually said they would not date the best friend of their ex. Instagram poll 100% of viewers stated they would absolutely not date the best friend of their ex.

On numerous occasions from when I was in high school and recently, I have had my close girlfriends ex approach me. I’ve also had the best friend of previous ex’s of mine shoot their shot with me. For me I would be offended that they would even challenge my character.

More specific, a best friend of my ex tried on two occasions. Now we were always on speaking terms you know it was always hi , hello, how are you doing, what’s new, type of thing. He asked me if I would allow him to take me on a date, I was shocked and offended immediately. My response, “absolutely not”. He then looked at me like I was weird and as if something was wrong with me.

I was irritated at that point. I explained, “Did I not engage in a relationship with your right hand man for 5 years”, “did you not date one of my good friends previously?”. Of course, he downplays both scenarios. It just baffles me that guys never see the big deal in that. It’s like sloppy seconds. It’s like how would that look you showing up to the family cookout but with the friend? I’m not the girl you pass around between the crew. I honestly don’t care how serious the relationship was, or whether or not it was a quick fling.

Any physical encounter you have , that person is off limits to anyone in your circle. It goes without saying, you don’t have to explain yourself but you do have to let me know because of course people can be consistent.

With woman I feel that it’s disrespectful to themselves and their ex. For guys I just feel as though you shouldn’t put the next man under the bus to shoot your shot.

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