Wednesday Brunch: Difference between Constructive Criticism and Hating

I know it’s been a while since we’ve had Wednesday Brunch. Here we are, its hump day and we have to discuss the difference between constructive criticism and hating. Grab your wine or your mimosa and indulge.

There is a thin line between hating and providing constructive criticism. This can be from relationships, friendships, or business related matters. Too often do we feel as though the next person is hating simply because of them voicing their opinion on what they don’t like verses someone providing criticism to help the next person better themselves or their brand. I reached out to social media to ask what people defined as the difference between the two:

Depends on the perspective on the person receiving and the person giving. As some see open opinion as hating while one could be hating due to their own flaws. Constructive criticism usually comes from opinion then after positive ideas or concepts and reason to help grow. Hating is more of a response and that’s it -rbradf58

Delivery & intent of the person giving it. Are they providing this info to help you progress and saying it in a way to let you know they care, or do they want their words to negatively impact you so you won’t move forward with what you’re doing? -amarrinicole

People think opinion is hating. For example: I don’t have to like your outfit its my opinion if I say “that shirt is hideous” to my friend. I’m hating once I try to put u down for ur taste in clothes. “She looks a mess. She needs a lesson in fashion” -Tisha

Hating is just a critique with no intention of offering developmental feedback -Tommy

Constructive criticism provides you with not only what you are doing wrong, but suggestion, advice, and tips on how to improve in that area of your life -Tenay

Criticism usually comes with some type of resolution right? An opinion of how to make something better, where hating is just showing the downside and not being very supportive in offering ideas to help – Dansette

Criticism comes from a positive place and hate comes from a negative place. -Asha

I think constructive criticism is when some one tells you “I like what you’re doing but if you do this, it might take you here.” Or “maybe this wouldn’t help you because…blah blah….maybe try doing something different” While hating sounds more like “it’s aight, but so and so is doing this” or “why you doing that” it’s never a congratulations with advising what can better that person. Like Dansette said criticism usually comes with a resolution or idea. And hating is just a limit. Constructive criticism should help the person do better and want better. A hater isn’t going to want you success so they make it seem like there are limits to what you can do. But there’s no limit when your growing. -Chan.J

While I agree with the responses that everyone shared. There were key points validated in each statement. When it comes to hating I feel as though there are miserable people in this world and that it’s easy for people to pick out the negative in any situation and that it burns them up when they see someone striving or looking well put together physically, materialistically. I feel as though some people do not want to see you doing better than them, even though no man is better than the next and we all have the same 24 hours as Beyonce.

When it comes to constructive criticism it depends upon whom is providing the feedback, it also depends on how the person conveys the advice. Sometimes it’s not what you say it is how you say and understanding that there isn’t a sweet way to deliver the truth but no need to be malicious. You want to deliver the criticism in a way the person understands where you are coming from and can take it and run with it, whereas if you’re rude and malicious it will go over their head.

Enjoy your Wednesday, thanks for reading!

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