Wednesday Brunch: Write Down Your Goals

We are already on the last day of February, two months into 2018 have you achieved some of the goals you have planned? To be better than you were last year you have to do things differently. From short-term goals to long-term goals you should write them down and execute.

I started planning my 2018 in November. I always keep an agenda book and I also utilize the note app in my phone. Last week I was going through my photos and I came across this screenshot. It was a few goals I had quickly jotted down in my notepad and I realized I had completed 2 of those goals.

I wanted to learn more about skin care. I wanted to be more knowledgeable of different skin conditions, and how to educate future clients on how to take care of their skin. I enrolled myself into school. Already three months left of the program.

With that, I wanted ways to build my clientele so I applied to different makeup counters. One of my favorite stores , Ulta. I paid to have my resume and cover letter updated. February I was hired at Ulta to work as a Clinique Consultant.

I wanted to be more consistent with my YouTube channel and my blog. Since November I am almost at 100 subscribers on my channel and my traffic on my blog has increased beyond my expectations. I continuously upload my weekly vlogs to my channel and I make sure I have a post on the blog 2 times a week.

I am sharing all of this to say when you write your goals, put in the work, research and don’t make any excuses , they become your reality. I have long ways to go with my makeup career, school is a fun challenge although I stress because I am paying out-of-pocket, this is an investment in myself.

Always remember a small step everyday leads to big results. Don’t worry about what you don’t have and don’t worry about the next person, keep that tunnel vision. Utilize note pads, note apps what ever it is you need to visually see your goals, categorize short-term and long-term and work on them one by one.

Thanks for reading!

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