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When it comes to social media there will always be a great debate in dating. Today’s Tuesday Topic: Who should pay for the date, man or woman? This may go without saying for most people but for others, you’d be surprised at their way of thinking.

These days, dating is more complex than it should be, blame social media for that. As a woman one thing I’ve always gone by was that whoever initiates the date should pay, however, it is totally fine if the man insists on paying, no questions asked.

I’m very in tune with my feminity and I love being an independent woman, however, I love being catered to and taken care of and allowing a man to lead. I also like to pay for the man as well with no obligations, no questions asked, but this would only be if I’m really into this man.

When it comes to women, I believe they do things for those that they really like and care for. Often times I see men say that they never had a woman pay for anything or even offer to and I can say that means she’s not really into you or you don’t carry the relationship or situation when she feels comfortable to allow her feminity to flourish.

A date can be defined as many things in different ways it all depends on what the two individuals involved agree on. What I can say is Netflix and chill is NOT a date. A date involves effort and planning. A date should be in a public, you’re both dressed nicely whether that’s casual or dressy. Set boundaries, have standards for what you feel is a date.

Often times women like a guy so much that they will settle for the bare minimum just to say that they are in the presence of a man. If you’re a woman and you hit up the guy and say “hey let’s do xyz”, then the woman should pay, he can pick you up, or you can choose to meet him at whatever location you decide. If he turns it down and he pays then that’s wonderful, but as a woman who initiated the outing, you should be prepared to pay.


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  1. Great topic, been a while since I dated, me and my wife have date nights but this isn’t really a question that comes up because we know each other’s financial situation, but when I dated, I always came with the expectation that I am paying, so if it wasn’t a good time for me financially I would just communicate that and then if the women tells me it’s there treat then we went from there, if we rescheduled then just confirmed what I initially expected lol. Keep up the great work.

    1. I love this! It makes sense and I definitely agree with if you’re not in a good financial state to not date. Thank you for reading!

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